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    Laura Stump

    I'm a constantly sleep-deprived writer who mostly prefers the company of cats to people, although cats (curse their lack of opposable thumbs!) can’t fetch beer from the fridge the way people can.

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  • My First Comic: Enter Sandman

    My First Comic: Enter Sandman0

    Four years ago, everything I knew about comics came from Saturday morning cartoons (X-Men, BTAS, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I honestly didn’t read comics. I knew we had a local comic shop, but had never been there. I really wasn’t all that interested in comics as a storytelling medium.

  • Of Window Washers and Walkovers: Bella at the Bar

    Of Window Washers and Walkovers: Bella at the Bar0

    Bella at the Bar Jenny McDade & Primrose Cumming (Writers), John Armstrong (Artist) Rebellion July 2018 In 1971, Fleetway began publishing Tammy, a weekly comic for girls. One of its long-running stars was the newly-collected Bella at the Bar. However, what new readers might not realize (and what no one mentions in the collection’s introduction)

  • Praise Carol and Pass the Apocrypha!

    Praise Carol and Pass the Apocrypha!0

    The Gospel of Carol: Radical Teen Study Edition John S. Troutman Troutcave Comics The Gospel of Carol traces the life of Carol, the daughter of God, her brothers Thomas and Jesus, and her sister Miriam. She, not Jesus, is the Messiah, but people aren’t as willing to receive the Word of God from a woman

  • Previously On Comics: Hits and Misses

    Previously On Comics: Hits and Misses0

    Comics news was like a fireworks show this week: Right around the time your vision cleared from the first whizbang, a new tidbit popped up to distract you. Another jailed artist gained his freedom, DC dropped some big announcements, Marvel tried to keep up, Dark Horse attempted to hide its anti-LGBT policies behind a digital