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    Laura Stump

    I'm a constantly sleep-deprived writer who mostly prefers the company of cats to people, although cats (curse their lack of opposable thumbs!) can’t fetch beer from the fridge the way people can.

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  • Previously in Comics: Convention Interventions

    Previously in Comics: Convention Interventions0

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    • September 24, 2018

    The casual observer could be forgiven for mistaking comics fans for car accident victims given the whiplash generated by this week’s comics news. One moment up with the announcement of this year’s Ignatz winners, the next down with the unexpected postponement of another con. All in all, this week has been a frenetic one.

  • Previously on Comics: Russ Heath, Comicsgate, Creator Advisor, and Supersuits

    Previously on Comics: Russ Heath, Comicsgate, Creator Advisor, and Supersuits0

    Welcome to the end of another busy week in comics! Every time I thought I had finally covered everything this week, something new popped up, which meant more writing for me but more interesting tidbits to read for you. With that in mind, let’s get this show on the road.

  • Dream or Nightmare: Sandman Universe #1

    Dream or Nightmare: Sandman Universe #10

    Sandman Universe #1 Bilquis Evely (artist), Max Fiumara (artist), Sebastian Fiumara (artist), Tom Fowler (artist), Domonike Stanton (artist), Nalo Hopkinson (writer), Kat Howard (writer), Simon Spurrier (writer), Dan Watters (writer) Vertigo Comics August 8, 2018 Sandman Universe #1 returns to the Dreaming, realm of the Lord of Dreams, as Sandman celebrates its thirtieth birthday this

  • My First Comic: Enter Sandman

    My First Comic: Enter Sandman0

    Four years ago, everything I knew about comics came from Saturday morning cartoons (X-Men, BTAS, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I honestly didn’t read comics. I knew we had a local comic shop, but had never been there. I really wasn’t all that interested in comics as a storytelling medium.