Day: November 14, 2018

Cutie Honey

Sex, Cyborgs, and ’70s Style in Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection

Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection Go Nagai (writer/artist), Zak Davisson (translator), Bambi Eloriaga-Amago and Roland Amago (lettering/retouch) Seven Seas Entertainment August 28, 2018 Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection is a chunky hardcover that reprints Go Nagai’s influential 1970s manga series in its entirety. Cutie Honey was one of the taproots of the magical girl genre,…

The Hero Business

The Hero Business Season 2: Because Saving the World Means Nothing Without Good PR

Bill Walko is concerned about Spider-Man’s bad press. The webslinger could use a good PR agent, while Donna Troy needs to schedule a meeting with the Origins & Acquisitions Division of The Hero Business. Because if there’s anyone that can whip these heroes’ brands into shape, it’s the marketing team of Morgan Sinclaire, Dr. Eli Malefactor, Simon…