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    Laura Stump

    I'm a constantly sleep-deprived writer who mostly prefers the company of cats to people, although cats (curse their lack of opposable thumbs!) can’t fetch beer from the fridge the way people can.

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  • Previously in Comics: Excelsior!

    Previously in Comics: Excelsior!0

    The comics world honored the lives of three men this week, each lost at very different points in their lives. One gone far too soon, lost in his twenties; another in middle age, having spent some 30 years bringing comics into the public eye; and the last, among of the first to have a hand

  • Drawn to the Way “Drawn to Sex” Educates

    Drawn to the Way “Drawn to Sex” Educates0

    Drawn to Sex: The Basics Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan Limerance Press November 2018 Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, the creators behind Oh Joy Sex Toy, used Kickstarter to bring their newest book, Drawn to Sex: The Basics, to life. A practical look at sex, Drawn to Sex takes readers through what sex is, how to have

  • Petals is A Walk to Remember

    Petals is A Walk to Remember0

    Petals Gustavo Borges (writer, artist), Cris Peter (colors) Boom! Studios September 2018 In Petals, a friendly kit and his father struggle to make it through the winter until they befriend a mysterious bird wearing a magnificent hat. Sent out to gather firewood, the kit meets the bird, who provides an armful of branches and an

  • Chainsaws and Boomsticks Save the Day in the Army of Darkness Halloween Special

    Chainsaws and Boomsticks Save the Day in the Army of Darkness Halloween Special0

    Army of Darkness Halloween Special “Scared Shipless” Chad Bowers (writer), Taylor Esposito (letterer), Eoin Marron (artist), Chris O’Halloran (colorist), Chris Sims (writer) “Cemetery Man” Benito Cereno (writer), Dee Cunniffe (colorist), Taylor Esposito (letterer), Sam Lotfi (artist) Dynamite Comics October 2018 On Halloween 2018, Ash Williams brings his boomstick back to town with a pair of