Author: Laura Stump

Bettie, makeup smudged and running from her eyes but with a determined look, says, "I surely do, sir. I surely do."

Dress to Kill in the Bettie Page Halloween Special

Bettie Page Halloween Special “Pickman’s Supermodel” David Avallone (writer), Taylor Esposito (letterer), Julius Ohta (artist), Ellie Wright (colorist) “Haunting in Hollywood” Taylor Esposito (letterer), Valentina Pinto (colorist), Fernando Ruiz (artist), Leah Williams (writer) Dynamite Comics October 2018 Supermodel-turned-undercover-agent-for-the-FBI Bettie Page doesn’t just deal with mobsters and the common criminal element. This Halloween, she confronts evil…

Lucien the librarian looking at the giant black cracks webbing the sky of the Dreaming

Dream or Nightmare: Sandman Universe #1

Sandman Universe #1 Bilquis Evely (artist), Max Fiumara (artist), Sebastian Fiumara (artist), Tom Fowler (artist), Domonike Stanton (artist), Nalo Hopkinson (writer), Kat Howard (writer), Simon Spurrier (writer), Dan Watters (writer) Vertigo Comics August 8, 2018 Sandman Universe #1 returns to the Dreaming, realm of the Lord of Dreams, as Sandman celebrates its thirtieth birthday this…