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    Laura Stump

    I'm a constantly sleep-deprived writer who mostly prefers the company of cats to people, although cats (curse their lack of opposable thumbs!) can’t fetch beer from the fridge the way people can.

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  • Dress to Kill in the Bettie Page Halloween Special

    Dress to Kill in the Bettie Page Halloween Special1

    Bettie Page Halloween Special “Pickman’s Supermodel” David Avallone (writer), Taylor Esposito (letterer), Julius Ohta (artist), Ellie Wright (colorist) “Haunting in Hollywood” Taylor Esposito (letterer), Valentina Pinto (colorist), Fernando Ruiz (artist), Leah Williams (writer) Dynamite Comics October 2018 Supermodel-turned-undercover-agent-for-the-FBI Bettie Page doesn’t just deal with mobsters and the common criminal element. This Halloween, she confronts evil

  • A Monstrous Disappointment in Monstro Mechanica

    A Monstrous Disappointment in Monstro Mechanica0

    Monstro Mechanica Vol. 1 Paul Allor (writer/letterer), Chris Evenhuis (artist), Sjan Weijers (colorist) Aftershock Comics September 2018 In Monstro Mechanica, master inventor Leonardo da Vinci and his apprentice Isabel are caught in a web of intrigue between the Medici family and the Papal State in Rome. Da Vince and Isabel have created a robot, the titular