Previously On Comics: Flagged for Adult Content

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As far as comics news goes this week has been pretty quiet. I mean, stuff happened but it’s been mostly comics adjacent and as no one showed their ass on the tl so it’s felt, y’know, quiet.

With that said we did start the week watching Tumblr shoot itself — and a good portion of its users, particularly those involved in fandom and the LGBTQA+ community — in the junk with the announcement of its plan to remove all ‘adult content’ from the site and the roll out of a buck wild algorithm that has flagged everything from the real-life human genitals and female-presenting nipples mentioned in their new community guidelines to the announcement itself.  

Unlike some other platforms that have rolled out similar guidelines over the year, Tumblr was kind enough to provide a guide on how to export your blog and save all that good good smut. For a more in depth analysis of the situation and the potential consequences I recommend you check out Casey Fiesler’s thread on the topic.

After the success of its Kickstarter last year Ronald Wimberly’s broadsheet style comics magazine LAAB will soon be hitting the shelves. LAAB will feature comics, criticism, interviews, essays, reviews, and artworks curated by Wimberly and will be published by Beehive Books. Issue #0, Dark Matter, will focus on mythological blackness and black bodies in science fiction

This week also saw the announcement of publisher TKO Studios launch line up. In addition to a list of titles, TKO also included details of the entire creative team connected to each book. While they have yet to confirm any release dates,  TKO editor Sebastian Girner has highlighted that it is the publishers intention to credit all contributors on the covers.

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