• Perpetual Flux authors talk about vampires, horror and webcomics

    Perpetual Flux authors talk about vampires, horror and webcomics

    Perpetual Flux is a webcomic by Julie Olson and Kat Haynes, running since February 2012. The art catches the eye and invites the reader to enter a horrific story about blood-drinking creatures, death and mystery. The world they constructed is full of fantasy and steampunk references, the plot gets the reader turning pages frantically.

  • Interview with AMELIA COLE co-writers D.J. Kirkbride & Adam P. Knave

    Interview with AMELIA COLE co-writers D.J. Kirkbride & Adam P. Knave

    If you haven’t been reading Amelia Cole you don’t know what you’re missing out on! This fun, all ages comic full of magic and dragons features a really down to earth female lead and great adventure. I’d like to welcome the awesome co-writers of Amelia Cole— D.J. Kirkbride and Adam P. Knave!  Introduce yourselves, guys.

  • Strumpet Issue 3: A Matter Of Taste

    Strumpet Issue 3: A Matter Of Taste

    Strumpet, Issue 3 Edited by Ellen Lindner and Kripa Joshi Cover Art by Kripa Joshi The transatlantic anthology Strumpet, a black and white comic featuring all women creators, sees its third volume take on the topic of taste. So what is the verdict? We’d be going back for seconds if we weren’t so full! Plenty of

  • What Looks Like Strength: A review of Yahrzeit, by Leela Corman

    What Looks Like Strength: A review of Yahrzeit, by Leela Corman

    Yahrzeit Leela Corman In 1939 Leela Corman’s grandfather was caught up in the events of of the second world war. It isn’t so much the war that haunts her, but her grandfather. Corman is walking home one day when an ordinary neighbourhood turns into something fantastical. Trees bend, roots and branches reach out for her,

  • Review: The Time of the Doctor

    Review: The Time of the Doctor

    After a rocky series 6 and 7, Doctor Who’s triumphant 50th anniversary special seemed to presage a return to the heights of Steven Moffat’s first year as showrunner. In retrospect, perhaps there was no way for him to live up to those renewed expectations

  • What I gave my family for Christmas and why you should care

    What I gave my family for Christmas and why you should care

    I am one of those: the relative who gives you presents you wouldn’t have asked for, in the hope that you will discover that you should have. In a prose family, I give comics. But I don’t give them willy-nilly; I give them because I love them, to people whom I love, in the hope

  • Top Ten Holiday Movies

    Ok, we lied. We’re counting down our Top 12 Holiday Movies, because we couldn’t stop at just ten. So you’ve unwrapped your gifts, had your breakfast of cookies and ‘nog, and now you’re settling in for the time-honoured tradition of avoiding your family until turkey. Have we got some distractions for you! 12. Hogfather It’s Hogswatchnight, when

  • New behind the scenes Gravity featurette!

    New behind the scenes Gravity featurette!

    Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter shared this new Gravity featurette. It’s the second piece of smart marketing/art (smartketing?) from the team behind the smash hit. The release feels like a sales push and a bit of Oscar campaigning all in one. Usually these featurettes are DVD bonuses, but this one tells us: Gravity is important; Gravity is serious;

  • Webcomics Capsules: orphans, fantasy and unicorns

    Webcomics Capsules: orphans, fantasy and unicorns

    Welcome to another round of webcomics short reviews! This week we have comedies and mysteries, newbies and long-runners. If you like fantasy, this is for you: disney-esque irony, fairy tales or medieval quests, they are all here. Camp Weedonwantcha KATIE RICE UPDATES: MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS GENRE: SURREAL DRAMEDY The premise of Camp Weedonwantcha is a

  • Three Fall Conventions

    As part of my resolution to reconnect with my geeky pursuits, I made it out to three conventions this fall: The Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, GeekGirlCon, and Pure Speculation. The Edmonton Expo – Edmonton, Canada; September 28 & 29, 2013 I arrived at the new Northlands Expo Centre on a sunny autumn afternoon to find

  • Reviewing: Thought Bubble Haul

    Reviewing: Thought Bubble Haul

    At Thought Bubble, I picked up some comics. Here, look at them with me! Prelude to GART!! by Anaseed Man Prelude to GART!! is a mini-zine from Anaseed Man. You may have seen his art around on tumblr; I know I have. Describing itself as “100% BALLS TO THE WALLS RELENTLESS FANTASY PUNK COMIX ACTION”,

  • Last Minute Gift Guide 2: Stuff and things

    Wait, you’re STILL shopping? Girl, I thought we had you covered with that last round of recommendations. Oh, you’re looking for some seeing-you-after-Christmas-so-I-can-be-horrendously-late gifts! Well then. We’ve got you covered with these online buys. Like our last roundup of cool things, we’ve held back on posting prices, due to the internationality of our readership (and

  • Thought Bubble: TB Leeds to the future (har har)

    An intro to, and con diary of, Thought Bubble comics convention, Leeds, 2013

  • Webcomics Capsules: Killers, queens and space pilots

    Welcome to the first edition of the new Webcomics Capsules! We’ll be bringing you regular reviews of complete and ongoing webcomics—everything from art comics to slick romcoms are fair game. This time out we’re all over the map, with horror comics, fantasy, and adorable slice of life gag strips.

  • Frozen: that Disney Magic Works With Sisters

    Frozen Disney PG, 108 mins First thing I need to do is get the snark off my chest. Frozen is not “Disney’s first animated film about sisters”! That was Lilo & Stitch, thank you very much! That said, this movie had a lot of negativity from the blogosphere due to concerns about how faithful to the source material it was: Eurocentrism (read: lack

  • Short and Sweet (or Sour): Sex Criminals Caught by Rocket Girls in Color?

    Steampunk ghost hunters and and dead mutants and sex criminals, oh my! It’s that time again. What time? Short and Sweet (or Sour) time! Boston Metaphysical Society #2 Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Emily Hu, Gloria Caeli, Fahriza Kamaputra, Troy Peteri, Alti Firmansyah Back in the day, I attended Boston Comic Con 2013 and had the opportunity to