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    Melissa Perez

    Lover of 1980s fantasy movies, comic books, and creepy deep sea creatures. Recently moved to land beyond the wall a.k.a upstate New York. Hit me up on twitter to talk about Star Wars feelings or costume design.

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  • The Archies #7: Archie, Don’t Say It’s Over

    The Archies #7: Archie, Don’t Say It’s Over0

    The Archies #7 Alex Segura (Writer), Matthew Rosenberg (Writer), Joe Eisma (Art), Jack Morelli (Lettering), Matt Herms (Colors) Archie Comics May 16, 2018 Their tour is ending and The Archies are going out with a bang. Their final show is a Battle of the Bands against none other than Josie and the Pussycats. The issue

  • My First Comic: It Started with Spider-Man

    My First Comic: It Started with Spider-Man0

    Like so many, my first comic was Archie. Readily available on the shelves of supermarket aisles next to the gum and tabloid magazines, waiting for me to browse through it as I waited for the long line to tick down to our turn at the register. I don’t remember specific stories, but I have vague,