Con Diary: Emerald City Comicon Day 1

I was taken to my very first con in 2011 by my unapologetically geeky, big sister. Back then, Emerald City Comic Con’s exhibition floor spanned only half of the fourth floor’s ballrooms. In 2014, the entire Washington State Convention Centre is home to the northwest coast’s premiere comic book and pop culture convention.  With so much to see and do, how will a 3 day pass begin to cover it?

Day 1: The first day … Continue reading

Reading Diaries: Much Ado About YA, and Some Top Five Bad Books


Of Comics and Men coverWhen last we spoke I was reading Crazy Town. I’m ashamed to say that between work and school, I just didn’t get through it. I recently picked up an interesting book on a research trip to a bookstore (book cover research, aw yeah!). Of Comics and Men: A Cultural History of American Comic Books by Jean-Paul Gabilliet looks at aesthetics, production, and creators. … Continue reading

News & Things: Paul Bettany Sexy Robot Edition


Paul Bettany Confirms Avengers: Age of Ultron Appearance as the Vision 

Paul Bettany spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about finally appearing in person in the Marvel cinematic universe as the Vision in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Seeing as he’s been the deliciously British voice of Jarvis thus far, it’s not a stretch to imagine that there will probably be a Jarvis-Vision connection.  No word yet on whether he’s going to be normal human-colored … Continue reading

London Super Comic Con Interview – Kieron Gillen

wicked and divine banner

The last of my LSCC interviews is with Kieron Gillen: comics playlist compiler, prolific Tweeter, author of Über, Young Avengers, the Phonogram series, Three, that run of Journey into Mystery, the upcoming The Wicked and the Divine (and much more), and, of course, 2014 GLAAD award recipient (for Young Avengers).

I had originally intended to conduct this as a conventional interview, but it soon grew much bigger than that. Read on for end-of-con … Continue reading

Call for essays: Batwomen75

ADMIN DEFAULT: cap carol

Last year we honoured Lois Lane’s 75th birthday with a series of essays from our staff and some awesome guests.

This year, we’re honouring the girls and women of the Batbooks! (Don’t worry, Catwoman will get her own 75th birthday party next year.) Are you a Batfan? A women-of-the-Batbooks fan? Do you have a great idea for an essay? Pitch us!

We’re looking for historical character profiles, thematic, comparative, or critical essays, relationship spotlights, and … Continue reading

Freedom! Masculinity! Anxiety! 300: Rise of An Empire Is Unsurprisingly Dick Centric and Decidedly American

300 Banner

300 main posterIf 300 was about dicks, 300: Rise of an Empire is about our freedom to swing them.

The sequel comes nine years after 300 wowed young white men everywhere with CGI, slow mo, and speeches, and tries to recreate that “winning” formula. Its action is roughly contiguous to 300‘s, retelling naval and political clashes leading up to, and including, the decisive Battle of Salamis, … Continue reading

News & Things: Neo-Tokyo is About to E*X*P*L*O*D*E


New X-Men: Days of Future Past Clip

The new scene shows Kitty Pryde and the future X-Men—Blink, Bishop, Iceman, Sunspot, Warpath, and Colossus—preparing for a Sentinel attack.

Happy Birthday Katsuhiro Otomo!Cover-akira

Otomo, the Japanese manga artist and anime director best known for his iconic work on AKIRA, is 60 today.

Young Avengers wins GLAAD Award

The 15-issue Marvel Comics series by Kieron … Continue reading

News & Things: Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

art by Peter Laird, words by Kevin Eastman

Attack on Titan Gets Real7319501

Attack on Titan, the anime/manga hit that’s blowing up in the US (seriously– have you been to a con lately and not seen one of those little platoons of SNK cosplayers?) celebrated  30 million volumes sold by publisher Kodansha by projecting this amazing (and super creepy) Titan in Kawasaki, Japan.

Archie Will Die–What Does It Mean?

dead archie banner

Life With Archie #36This week, Archie Comics announced that its star character, musician, ladies man, goofus, and sometime superhero, is slated to die in an upcoming story. The death, in Life With Archie #36, is neatly timed to come on Archie Comics’ 75th anniversary.

Unlike the revolving door that governs mortality in superhero comics, in Archie Comics’ books, with the exception of the zombie apocalypse-themed … Continue reading