Interview with Lightspeed Publisher John Joseph Adams

Earlier this year, the digital science fiction and fantasy magazine, Lightspeed, ran a hugely successful campaign called “Women Destroy Science Fiction.” The original goal was set at $5,000 but the campaign raised over $50,000.

Although the issue is being completely edited by women, the Kickstarter campaign was primarily handled by Lightspeed’s publisher, John Joseph Adams.  Always intrigued by process, I asked John some questions about how the idea came about, what he’d … Continue reading

Top 10 Tearjerker Comics

If you’ve never sobbed into the pages of a newly purchased comic, give it time; you probably just haven’t been reading them for long enough. In the immortal words of Jack Kirby, “comics will break your heart.” Here are ten books that will put you on the road to heartache…

Note: We have avoided spoilers with the exception of well known character deaths.

Friday Kickstarter! Ranger: Rendezvous

Ed Oh Ranger Rendezvous 2014

There’s hella information on the Ranger:Rendezvous Kickstarter page. That’s because Ranger:Rendezvous is not just one comic, one root sent out to anchor a project that grows, sprawling. It’s a ‘verse, ready to spring into being.

The Rangerverse has been a decade-long effort expanding to over 10 globe-spanning concepts, starring 30+ leading heroines and heroes and a veritable army of supporting roles.


I’m trying to create a generous, fair, & representative vision of human … Continue reading

What The Fox – Channing Tatum as Gambit?!

News broke this week that Fox, who still owns the rights to Marvel’s X-Men characters (WHY, Marvel, WHY? You are owned by the Mega-Mouse! You can afford to buy them back!), has sat down at the table with Channing Tatum, who wants to play the role of the merry mutants’ very own Ragin’ Cajun, Gambit.

The response among the fandom has been mixed. Which is to say that guys either think it’s cool or don’t … Continue reading

News & Things: Wolverine’s Hair is Hot Stuff

Tiny Cute Avengers Manga Introduces Japanese Kids To the Team

This completely adorable Avengers story ran as a one shot in Monthly Korokoro Comic in an attempt to familiarize Japanese children with Marvel characters before the release of a new japanese series: Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. Who else wants a copy of the re-print? Everyone?

Con Diary: Emerald City Comicon Day 3

I was taken to my very first con in 2011 by my unapologetically geeky, big sister. Back then, Emerald City Comic Con’s exhibition floor spanned only half of the fourth floor’s ballrooms. In 2014, the entire Washington State Convention Centre is home to the northwest coast’s premiere comic book and pop culture convention.  With so much to see and do, how will a 3 day pass begin to cover it?

Day 3: I have this … Continue reading

Interview with Brady Roberts: creator and star of the upcoming webseries “Nightwing: Prodigal”


nightwing-prodigal-sonI am a nerd. Loudly and proudly. I am also a huge procrastinator and scatterbrain. Put these two things together, and this is what you get…

The Procrastinerdor Presents:
Brady Roberts: creator and star of the upcoming webseries Nightwing: Prodigal

They say it’s a small world, and when it comes to the acting community in Vancouver, it’s even smaller. With FanExpo Vancouver coming up, I … Continue reading

News & Things: Things (Not News) Thursday

XX-Men: The Failures of Brian Wood’s All-Woman X-Men

Osvalda Oyola writes,

There is no effort in this “new” series to establish the characters, but even worse there is no effort to establish or explain why this particular iteration of X-Men…X-Women…exists. It seems like these characters just happen to be the ones who are around when Jubilee calls to say she needs help. If anything, the fact that Jubilee’s problem includes a baby she has … Continue reading

TW: Bryan Singer Accused of 1999 Rape and Assault

TW: Graphic descriptions of rape, assault, and child exploitation.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges that X-Men director Bryan Singer, along with convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector, physically and sexually abused a teenage boy over a period of time in 1999, in Los Angeles and Hawaii. Firearms, drugs, and alcohol are said to have been involved. Collins-Rector is not a defendant, but is accused of “initiating the sexual abuse of Egan and arranging for Singer to … Continue reading