BookCon: Caucasians, Cats, No People of Colour


Once again, the lack of diversity in BookCon’s line up has many furious on Twitter today. The guest list is up with 30 Caucasians, 1 cat and 0 persons of color which has many scratching their heads wondering how ReedPOP, the organization producing BookCon, could have messed up so severely in the representation department. As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t the first time this issue and outrage was brought up. According to a Publisher’s … Continue reading

She is the One: Bee and PuppyCat (the Comic)!


Have you ever wondered what a 20-something magical girl might be like? If so, you should probably plan on picking up a copy of Bee and Puppycat, created and co-written by Natasha Allegri. The comic, based on the animated webseries of the same title, tells the tale of hapless Bee and the mysterious Puppycat, who fell out of the sky and changed both of their lives forever. Even before the first season of the series … Continue reading

Layman & Guillory’s CHEW to Get Animated Feature


Well, it happened, you guys: all of my dreams came true.

After a few false rumors that John Layman and Rob Guillory’s amazing Image series Chew was on its way to television and movies, we’ve finally got a confirmation: Chew will be getting an animated feature. Tony will be voiced by The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun, and Amelia will be voiced by Felicia Day (a notoriously polarizing presence in the geek community).

The feature, which … Continue reading

News & Things: Full of Sci-Fi Fun

Game of Thrones, HBO, 2014

Supreme Blue Rose coverWarren Ellis and Tula Lotay to Ressurect Liefeld’s Supreme in New On-Going

In July, acclaimed writer Warren Ellis and artist Tula Lotay will be launching a new series called Supreme: Blue Rose that is based on Rob Liefeld’s Supreme. The series will likely be similar to Image’s revival of Prophet and a departure from the Supreme runs written by the likes of … Continue reading

I’ve Never…

Featured image: D&D Chick Tract

Everyone’s got one. A famous book they haven’t read. A must-see movie they skipped over. WWAC staffers share their I’ve Nevers. What are yours?


I’ve never sat down with a group of friends and played an honest to goodness pen and paper RPG.

The guys wouldn’t let me play when I was in high school and then my twenties happened and now there’s no one around to play with. I’ve played RPG video games. … Continue reading

[TW] No More Free Passes: Why I’m Done Watching Game of Thrones



Trigger Warning: Discussion of incest, sexual abuse, and rape.

Photo“Rape is never acceptable as a plot device,” I said, leaning back in one of the flimsy folding chairs we use for events at the comic book shop where I work. I was talking to my boss, a really awesome guy who is making every attempt to create a geek space in our shop that is safe, … Continue reading

Smut Peddler Interview with Editor C. Spike Trotman

smut peddler

Smut Peddler 2014 smut peddlermet its $20,000 goal in roughly six hours. By the time I chatted with Spike on the Tuesday night after its opening week, the project had just hit $76,000 and was the most popular Kickstarter project of over 3,000 projects the weekend before.

Smut Peddler’s editor, C. Spike Trotman, and I connected via Google Hangout to chat about what drives … Continue reading

Tomb Raider Diaries #2: It’s Way Better in Context

Tomb Raider Banner

My adventures with Lara Croft continue as I slowly work my way through Square Enix’s Tomb Raider game. Check out part one, In the beginning…



ENTRY #2: It’s way better in context   
PLAY TIME: 1 hour

With the basic survival requirements of food, fire, and weapons satisfied, Lara returns to her exploration. She immediately … Continue reading