A set of three panels from Dishes of Destiny. The main character, a creature with floppy bell-like ears, is covered in gooey lumps and sits in front of a barrel. They say something (there's no lettering), then wave one of the lumps at the camera. Dishes of Destiny; Maddi Gonzales, Spencer Amundson, Chan Chau, Danya Adair; 2022. The column title lettering is laid over the artwork, and reads “A FISTFUL OF COMICS” in big yellow text. Below, in red, reads “CROWDFUNDING ROUNDUP, NOVEMBER ’21.”

A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, November ‘21

Welcome back WWAC’s very own crowdfunding corner! We took a break last month due to general work-life balance related exhaustion, but I’m back and ready to share my favorite of this month’s campaigns. If you like heartwarming memoirs and up-and-coming cartoonists and not graphic novel adaptations of movie adaptations backed by Hollywood producers (why do…