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Big Trouble in Little China poster

Orientalism in Big Trouble in Little China

Before you read this: did you watch the Dr. Strange trailer? You should, because I’m going to compare it to Big Trouble in Little China, a movie thirty years its senior. “Why?” you ask. Because John Carpenter made BTLC with the understanding that Chinese-ness is context and not just culture, and that the mixture of…

Incredible Indie Tuesday: Exciting News from Image Expo!

Last Wednesday in Seattle, Image Comics held the 6th Image Expo, an all-day event for creators to meet with press, retailers and fans. But it’s not your typical convention: there are no vendors and panels focus primarily on discussing upcoming releases with writers, artists and other team members. The convention began with publisher Eric Stephenson’s inspiring…

Before there was Kamala Khan there was Scout Montana: Sophie Campbell & Spike Trotman on the Shadoweyes Kickstarter

Back in 2010, Sophie Campbell published Shadoweyes, a riveting dystopian science fiction superhero comic about a young woman of color, Scout, who is unexpectedly imbued with superpowers and sets to making the city she lives in a better place for her community. With stunning, gritty art and queer and social justice themes, Shadoweyes rocked the…

3 Takes On Island #2

Island #2 Ed. Brandon Graham and Emma Rios Robin Bougie, Brandon Graham, Will Kirkby, Ludroe, Emma Rios, Simon Roy, and Miguel Alberto Woodward Image Comics August 19, 2015 Island is a new comic magazine edited by Brandon Graham and Emma Rios. The magazine includes prose, illustration, done-in-one, and serialized comics. We reviewed Island #1 here….