Author: Jo Fu

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Apps We Love

This past month for lifestyle, we talked a lot about helpful and favorite apps. Both Melinda and Catie reviewed meditation apps, while Jessica talked about the productivity app Trello. At the beginning of the month, Ray reviewed Litsy, a book app. I then asked for a few more recommendations for apps we love, especially ones…

Big Trouble in Little China poster

Orientalism in Big Trouble in Little China

Before you read this: did you watch the Dr. Strange trailer? You should, because I’m going to compare it to Big Trouble in Little China, a movie thirty years its senior. “Why?” you ask. Because John Carpenter made BTLC with the understanding that Chinese-ness is context and not just culture, and that the mixture of…

Farscape | Created by Rockne S. O'Bannon, The Jim Henson Company

Frell Yeah Farscape!

There’s long been talk about a Farscape movie happening some time in the future, but now, creator Rockne S. O’Bannon recently made it official. What does this mean to Farscape fans? Well, let us show you. Farscape is the story of an American pilot and theoretical scientist, John Crichton, who ends up lost in space after…