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    Stephanie Austin

    Book lover. Film buff. Storyteller. Self-proclaimed nerd that enjoys board/card/video/trivia games. Almost always the one behind the camera.

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  • We All Float Down Here at #FanExpo

    We All Float Down Here at #FanExpo0

    One of the most horrifying works from Stephen King, his novel IT, has a new film adaptation of the same name coming to theatres on September 8. As a promotion, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures have created Float: A Cinematic VR Experience, which allows users to encounter Pennywise, the central villain, before his

  • #TIFF16 Review: Brimstone Is an Overwhelming Revenge Thriller

    #TIFF16 Review: Brimstone Is an Overwhelming Revenge Thriller1

    Brimstone Director: Martin Koolhoven Cast: Guy Pearce, Dakota Fanning, Emilia Jones, Carice Van Houten, Kit Harrington 2016 I left the screening of Brimstone with an overwhelming feeling, but I couldn’t pinpoint just what it was. Scenes played out in my mind as I walked out of the theatre. I tried to identify just what I loved about

  • Why I Cosplay: Seeing Myself and Them

    Why I Cosplay: Seeing Myself and Them0

    Costumes were always a source of fun for me. I was one of the kids that looked forward to Hallowe’en more than Christmas… And now I’m one of those adults. As a kid, it was mostly the excitement of the candy run, but I also found enjoyment in becoming characters I loved. Whether it was

  • A Voyage Home: Finding Our Star Trek4

    In part one of this roundtable WWAC contributors discussed queerness in Star Trek. In this part, they discuss which Star Trek was their first, which one(s) they have the most emotional connection, and their hopes of the upcoming film and TV series.