Day: July 12, 2015

Farscape | Created by Rockne S. O'Bannon, The Jim Henson Company

Frell Yeah Farscape!

There’s long been talk about a Farscape movie happening some time in the future, but now, creator Rockne S. O’Bannon recently made it official. What does this mean to Farscape fans? Well, let us show you. Farscape is the story of an American pilot and theoretical scientist, John Crichton, who ends up lost in space after…

Etch-A-Sketch |

Shake Shake Shake: Etch-A-Sketch Turns 55

Some toys will never go away, and a classic invention like Etch-A-Sketch is definitely one of them. Today, the mechanical drawing toy turns 55 years old and is still making appearances and getting mentions in today’s pop culture and the media. Originally invented in the 1950s, French engineer Andres Cassagne came across the idea of a…