Month: July 2015

Emma Frost by John Byrne - Classic X-Men, Marvel Comics

Sequential Sartorial: Fetishists, Unlike Emma Frost, Understand Occasion

Welcome to the X-Men, where second-skin garmentry is commonplace—hope you survive the experience! Amongst the X-Men is a villain-turned-teacher (turned heroine, though never nice); her name is Emma Frost. For most of her history, she’s worn all-white, though recently she turned to all-black. But just as often as she’s been monochromatic, she’s been clothed in outfits…

Witchblade #175 cover, Laura Braga & Betsy Gonia, Top Cow, 2015

Disciple of the Witchblade

When Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri and all those X-Men artists I loved packed up and started Image Comics and its various subsidiaries, I followed, mesmerized by the shiny covers and promises of badass babes. This was the age of the Bad Girl: empowered women in spine-violating, perky-nippled poses. Somewhere deep inside me, my inner…

THRILLING ROMANCES, Better / Nedor / Standard / Pines | Date: May 1951,

Feminists in Love

Relationships are a lot of work! Half of the fun is finding a love interest, and the other half is working through issues that crop up while romancing. One of the most important aspects is whether or not you agree on societal issues and how differences in viewpoints are handled. Read all about how WWACers…