Author: Desiree Rodriguez

La Borinqueña by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

Review: La Borinqueña Short Story for CTRL+ALT Pop-Up Exhibition

La Borinqueña Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (Writer), Matthew Barbot (Editor), Sabrina Cintron (Penciler), Eric Jimnez (Inks), Juan Fernandez (Colorist), William Rosado and Gustavo Vazquez (Breakdowns), Emilo Lopez (Cover Artist), Sabrina Cintron (Pin-up Artist) Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center November 12, 2016 Previously I spoke with Miranda-Rodriguez about his upcoming comic La Borinqueña set for release December 22nd of…

La Borinqueña by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

Say Hello to the new Afro-Latina Superhero on the Block: La Borinqueña

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is a writer, art director, and owner of Somos Arte a production studio located in Brooklyn New York. Miranda-Rodriguez is known as a Nuyorican (Native Puerto Rican New Yorker) within the Latinx community, and his Latino identity has served to influence much of his own work within the comic industry. In Guardians of Infinity #3, starring…

Two Takes on M3 Volume One: Beginnings

M3 Volume 1: Beginnings Erica Shultz (writer), Vincente Alcazar (artist) Vices Press, Digital Release September 24, 2014 Disclaimer: This review contains some spoilers. WWAC reviewed M3: Volume 1 with a review copy from Vices Press. Last summer was busy with WWACs Swords of Sorrow event coverage, but when Desiree and I were given an opportunity to review…