Day: April 17, 2016

Race and Romance in Daredevil Season Two

Netflix’s Daredevil is, on the surface, a pretty progressive show when it comes to romance: Matt Murdock is romantically linked to two women of color, Claire Temple and Elektra Natchios, during the course of two seasons, which is definitely more than can be said about any of the MCU films so far. But a deeper read shows…

WWAC Weekend Review: Telling it Like it Is

Here at WWAC, we are never afraid to speak our minds, even–especially–when our minds don’t fall in with the reigning sentiment. Whether we are loving Gambit and sexy fanfiction, or hate hate hating that awful Dr. Strange trailer, we are going to share our honest criticisms and critiques. Because that is what we do. On Monday… Ta-Nehisi…