Month: April 2016

Dejah Thoris #2 Frank J. Barbiere (writer), Francesco Manna (art), NEN (cover) Dynamite Comics, March 2, 2016

Review: Dejah Thoris #3

Dejah Thoris #3  Frank J. Barbiere (writer), Francesco Manna (artist), NEN (cover) Dynamite Comics, April 2016 Disclaimer: A review copy of this comic was provided by the publisher.  The dethroned princess of Helium’s journey of discovery takes many leaps and bounds to get her to her destination. We’re not getting much exposition to get us from…

DC Daily Planet: Still Gloomy

Before I start this week’s news post, I want to take some time to give a small update on last week’s situation as it’s unfolding right now. The conversation about Eddie Berganza that was ignited by Shelly Bond’s dismissal from Vertigo last week is still ongoing. More outlets and insights from various corners of the…

A comic about dinner from Trans Man Walking #1. Image courtesy Andi Santagata.

Zine Review: Trans Man Walking #1

Trans Man Walking #1 Andi Santagata Sorry Mom Comix I’m very excited that the third and final zine I’m reviewing for Chicago Zine Fest is also debuting at the festival! Andi Santagata, the artist behind American Spirits: Freelance Ghostbusters—a webcomic that’s unsurprisingly about ghostbusting—just released a brand new zine called Trans Man Walking #1. It’s…

Big Trouble in Little China poster

Orientalism in Big Trouble in Little China

Before you read this: did you watch the Dr. Strange trailer? You should, because I’m going to compare it to Big Trouble in Little China, a movie thirty years its senior. “Why?” you ask. Because John Carpenter made BTLC with the understanding that Chinese-ness is context and not just culture, and that the mixture of…