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    Meg Downey

    Meg a midwestern transplant to Los Angeles but she feels most at home in Gotham City. She is the DC news columnist as well as a freelance contributor for WWAC. She loves Robins (of the sidekick variety), robots (of the "in disguise" variety), and spending too much money on her pull list every week.

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  • Thunderstuck! A Conversation with Jim Zub on Marvel’s Thunderbolts

    Thunderstuck! A Conversation with Jim Zub on Marvel’s Thunderbolts0

    I had the opportunity to sit down with writer Jim Zub (Disney Kingdoms: Figment; Wayward; Street Fighter: Cammy) at SDCC this year to chat about continuity, shipping, and big character arcs in his new on going series Thunderbolts. A word of warning: This interview will contain some spoilers from the first three issues of Thunderbolts, Avengers:

  • DC Daily Planet: Hello, Goodbye

    DC Daily Planet: Hello, Goodbye0

    Hello all! One thing before we get started today: this is my last DC Daily Planet post for the near future! I’ve had some exciting opportunities come up that I need to devote some time to — but fear not! I’ll (hopefully) be back and bringing you the very soap box laden news in no