DC Daily Planet: Supergirl, Powerless, and the Countdown Continues

It’s been a big week for TV news with both cancellations and series pickups rolling in at breakneck speed.

CBS’s Supergirl is making the network jump to the CW to begin filming in Vancouver rather than Los Angeles. What this move means for returning cast and future storylines is yet to be determined but after last season’s super cute, super fun Flash/Supergirl crossover episode, we can only hope that Kara is about to be folded into the regular CW DCU alongside everyone else.

I mean…It’d be silly if they didn’t do that, right?


Also picked up for series is the single-camera sitcom Powerless, which I reported on during its pilot shooting several months ago. Powerless will be airing on NBC, so it’s unlikely that it will have any contact with the rest of the DC TV shows, but I’ve still got relatively high hopes. I’m a sucker for workplace comedies and the concept of Powerless is pretty strong in theory. Here’s hoping it translates to the screen.

In even more live action news: a Booster Gold movie has been confirmed as “in development” with Zack Stentz (Thor, X-Men: First Class) reportedly writing the script. Booster film rumors have been circulating pretty aggressively over the past year or so, so whether or not these rumors hold any water, or whether or not Stentz’s script will actually make it into production is still very much up in the air.

On the comics side of things, we’re still in pre-Rebirth madness. The latest preview and interview to hit the internet is about the new Flash title, which will reportedly feature Wally West as Kid Flash.

I’m about to get a little bit soap box-y here, so please forgive me. Also, spoilers for this week’s comics!

I have a lot of strong feelings about Wally in the current DCU. Most of them are very negative. I’m still pretty sore over the fact that he’s the only member of the original Teen Titans to be inexplicably aged down and taken off the team. Cementing his status as a teenaged Kid Flash while Dick, Roy, Donna, and Garth are all adults in their Titans team feels like a nail in the coffin. Especially since Wally’s new 52 status as a black man would have provided a nice, pretty desperately needed shot of diversity to the very, very white Rebirth Titans line up.

I’m trying not to be too down, though. If there are any characters in the DCU who can screw around with time and aging it’s the Flashes. There may still be hope for an appropriately aged Wally in the future? Maybe? Who knows.

The Rebirth-lead up event, The Last Days of Superman, continues, hopping back on track to some serious multiverse shenanigans. This week’s issue, Action Comics #52, introduced us to the Earth Prime incarnations of the Clark and Jon Kent from the currently non-canonical Lois & Clark book.

action 52

And then we still have this mysterious, glowing, energy based Superman hanging around. No one’s really sure about him yet.

Basically, The Last Days of Superman seems to be doing a huge amount of legwork fixing things that never really felt broken in the first place. While the New 52 rendition of Superman was kind of weird, especially in his romance with Wonder Woman (something I STILL cannot get used to, I’m so sorry, I just can’t), there was never a lot about him that felt really incongruous or irreparable through some good old fashioned character development.

Don’t get me wrong here, I like The Last Days of Superman. It’s a very, very well crafted and well executed event. But it feels largely arbitrary. I mean, I guess getting the “old” Superman back is…kind of cool? It’s just, in the spectrum of things I would have liked to see fixed or brought back for Rebirth, pre-new 52 Superman was at the very rock bottom of the list.

Mason Downey

Mason Downey

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