Day: April 1, 2016

Chasing Valentine. 2016. Producer: Bruno Marino. Co-Producer: Navneet Chhajer. Director: Navin Ramaswaran. Writers: Neal Avram Schneider & Navin Ramaswaran. Editor: Navin Ramaswaran. Director Of Photography: Bruce William Harper. Cast: Adam Langton, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Bobbie Phillips, Brad Cowan, Ryan Fisher.

Feature Films At The 2016 Canadian Film Fest

The Canadian Film Fest is an event set in Toronto celebrating Canadian filmmakers where they can showcase their work and network with others in the industry. A non-profit organization, Canadian Film Fest hopes to inspire these filmmakers to continue making motion pictures and to expose Canadian audiences to independent works. We have created an annual film festival…

DCDP Rebirth Roundup: The good, the bad, and the concerning.

If you’ve been following along with my (admittedly all over the place) twitter feed at all this weekend, some of this is going to sound pretty familiar to you. Wondercon was this weekend and with it came a flood of information and announcements regarding DC’s new not-a-reboot event, Rebirth, followed up by an official list…