DC Daily Planet: Still Gloomy

Before I start this week’s news post, I want to take some time to give a small update on last week’s situation as it’s unfolding right now.

The conversation about Eddie Berganza that was ignited by Shelly Bond’s dismissal from Vertigo last week is still ongoing. More outlets and insights from various corners of the industry are adding to the already considerable wall of evidence.

Some new posts to take the time to read:

DC has yet to make any public comment on this conversation. This is as disheartening as it is predictable. Speculation as to the reason for the publisher’s silence has mostly revolved around issues that potentially exist in Berganza’s employment contract — but the legitimacy of that, or any involvement of contractual obligation, remains exactly what it says on the tin: pure speculation.

At the end of the day, silence from DC and their parent companies is still silence regardless of the reasons. I genuinely hope it’ll be broken and some transparency will be achieved sooner rather than later.

I’m going to try and provide any relevant links and continued updates in the weeks to come as more information becomes available. And hopefully it will.

In Rebirth related news, a couple of “sneak peak” style previews for new titles have been posted on Newsarama. The first unfinished pages for Red Hood & The Outlaws feature…yet another redux of Jason Todd’s wheel stealing origin story while the first pages of the new Detective Comics features Batman apparently talking (maybe recruiting?) Azrael.

It’s not a lot to go off of, so I’m trying to reign myself in in terms of weaving anymore Rebirth conspiracy theories than I already have.

The most stressful part of Rebirth as it stands right now is the fact that basically every current book seems to be progressing toward Rebirth at its own pace, which inevitably means that the transition between current book and Rebirth book is going to be pretty uneven.

Right now we’ve got a handful of books and events that are clearly on a trajectory to spill right into their new number ones. Books like Grayson, Titans Hunt, Batman, the Last Days Of Superman event, and the currently non-canonical Lois & Clark are all laying some pretty strong groundwork. Other books like Suicide Squad, Batgirl, Aquaman, Gotham Academy, and the Darkseid War event seem to be half-heartedly plotting themselves a course. Still more books like Robin: Son Of Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Red Hood/Arsenal, and Teen Titans — just to name a few — seem to have little to no interest in setting their sights on Rebirth at all.

Now, like I said, I’m trying to reign myself in on the Rebirth conspiracy theories, so I’m not going to indulge in anymore wild speculation, but the very clear variation between these books and their standing in relationship to next month’s “not-a-reboot” doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence in me.

Also, as much as I love the kid, do we really need yet another rehashing of Jason Todd’s origin story?

In the animation world, WB released the trailer for the new animated feature of The Killing Joke and…well…it’s certainly a movie that’s getting made.

Take a look. Or, better yet, don’t because negative feelings about the story aside it’s really genuinely a pretty poorly cut together trailer.

The Killing Joke film is also confirmed to be the first animated Batman film to receive an “R” rating. So, you know, there’s that. Because that’s something the world really needed.

And finally, just to prevent myself from ending on a totally down note for two weeks in a row, a reminder that there is some good in the world in the form of Mikel Janin’s art.

At least no matter what, through shitty animated movies and the stresses of Not!Reboots, we’ll always have this.

Mason Downey

Mason Downey

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