DC Daily Planet: Hello, Goodbye

Hello all! One thing before we get started today: this is my last DC Daily Planet post for the near future! I’ve had some exciting opportunities come up that I need to devote some time to — but fear not! I’ll (hopefully) be back and bringing you the very soap box laden news in no time. We’ll see what the future holds. In the mean time, you’ll be able to find me writing features for the site and on twitter, like normal!

Anyway, on to the news.

In a totally unsurprising move, DC has officially updated their logo to better embody the spirt of their top to bottom Not-A-Reboot initiative, Rebirth. Social media has had some mixed reviews. Personally, I like this logo much, much more than the current one. Check it out:


It’s definitely a more “classic” look which fits with Rebirth’s MO, but simple enough to be pretty versatile.

Speaking of major change-ups, the DCEU has got a shot in the arm this week with Geoff Johns being promoted to “Co-Chief” of superhero movies for Warner Bro’s DC-based film branch. This, obviously, is a direct response to the critical tanking of BvS earlier this year, with Johns hoping to bring “more hope and optimism” to DC’s film slate in upcoming releases.

Taking a moment to editorialize for a second: I’ve got pretty mixed feelings about this. While on one hand, I’m grateful that the studio executives are trying to respond to feedback and make changes that will hopefully make for much better (read: watchable) DC films in the future, I’m concerned that DC’s problem solving method is becoming “throw Geoff Johns at it”.

I’m a fan of Geoff Johns, sure, but I’m not sure he’s the solution to every problem, and I’m not sure adding an executive position for him in the WB studio offices is going to be enough to course correct the entire DCEU.

I’m nothing if not hopeful, however.

In more Rebirth news, a few bits and pieces of information have continued to flutter in from social media. We received confirmation from artist Ethan Van Sciver that Kyle Rayner will be a cast member in the Hal Jordan And the Green Lantern Corps title.

We also got our first look at the Rebirth design for The Joker, care of artist Rafael Albuquerque:

There’s also been a slew of new interviews and solicits hitting the web, but I’ll be honest, I’m at the point where I’m kind of starting to avoid reading them. Rebirth is just a week away now, and I’d like to leave some things to the imagination.

However, if you’re looking to gear up for Rebirth in other ways, Comixology is currently running a sale that includes deals on all past DC crisis events. Check them out if you haven’t already — they’re by no means required reading for Rebirth specifically, but they represent some of my favorite crossover event comics of all time.

It’s been a really wild, fun, sometimes stressful, educational experience to bring you the DC news every week for the past 7 months. I’m signing out for now, but I’ll catch you all around the multiverse somewhere. Be sure of that.

Mason Downey

Mason Downey

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