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    Meg Downey

    Meg a midwestern transplant to Los Angeles but she feels most at home in Gotham City. She is the DC news columnist as well as a freelance contributor for WWAC. She loves Robins (of the sidekick variety), robots (of the "in disguise" variety), and spending too much money on her pull list every week.

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  • DC Daily Planet: Countdown to Rebirth

    DC Daily Planet: Countdown to Rebirth0

    It’s official. We are 3 weeks out from the start of Rebirth, the event that has given me an essentially nonstop tension headache since, like, February. I’ve been a lot of things about Rebirth since it’s announcement, both here and on social media — anxious, angry, hopeful, deeply stressed, excited — but now, as it

  • DC Daily Planet: Still Gloomy

    DC Daily Planet: Still Gloomy1

    • April 29, 2016

    Before I start this week’s news post, I want to take some time to give a small update on last week’s situation as it’s unfolding right now. The conversation about Eddie Berganza that was ignited by Shelly Bond’s dismissal from Vertigo last week is still ongoing. More outlets and insights from various corners of the

  • DC Daily Planet: Grey skies over Vertigo

    DC Daily Planet: Grey skies over Vertigo1

    Well, this week started out pretty slow but that all changed yesterday. In a shocking move, it was announced that Vertigo was restructuring and, as part of that restructuring, celebrated long time editor and Vertigo vice president, Shelly Bond, was being let go from the company due to her “position being eliminated”. The timing of

  • DC Daily Planet: Young Animal! Challenges! ECCC!

    DC Daily Planet: Young Animal! Challenges! ECCC!1

    And we’re back after an accidental week off thanks to some planning miscalculations on my part. This past weekend was Emerald City Comic Con and while the DC news outpouring was pretty light compared to Wondercon, there’s still a pretty decent list of things to be covered. Let’s jump right in. Young Animal, a new