DC Daily Planet: #Rebirth Watch, Starfire, and flying to Gotham City

So here we are, wrapping up week three of DC’s Rebirth news/buzz/rumors fiasco, and honestly? We don’t have a ton to show for it.

I wish I could say I’m surprised by this.

Here are some things that have been pinned down and confirmed since the last time we took a look:

Scott Snyder is definitely leaving Batman after issue 51. This shouldn’t come as a shock, since we’ve been working under this assumption for quite some time now, but this week the word came straight from the mouth (or twitter account) of the man himself.

There has been no discussion of future projects with DC from Snyder at all yet, and no attempt to address the rumor of his migration to Detective Comics from any official source.

Ongoing title Starfire is concluding with issue 12. Creative duo Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner spoke with ComiscAlliance about the series’ end but maintain that a 12 issue run was the plan all along.

We look at the series as spending time with a character we love, and hope that our version will continue in the books after. We did the same with our Power Girl series years ago. Again, that too was our choice. We feel a year on a title gives the reader what they want, and in the end a nice trade collection. Us ending on #12 had nothing to do with any re-launch or anything else going on in the DCU.

While I don’t for a second believe that Palmiotti and Conner are being dishonest about the series’ intended lifespan, I have to wonder just how many other DCYou books launching in or around the same timeframe as Starfire (books like, say, Midnighter, Prez, Black Canary, Red Hood/Arsenal, etc) were contracted under a similar “12-and-done” idea.

We’ll likely start seeing some definitive news for the futures of those books (and others) with May’s solicits, which will hopefully be out next week.

And… That’s really it, as far as new, concrete Rebirth facts are concerned. Not a lot. I spoke to this a little last week, but I’m even more certain of it now: I honestly don’t think this lack of news or announcements is coming from a desire to generate buzz. I genuinely think this is entirely the result of signed contracts and definitive plans from the Power-That-Be. And I think Didio and Lee’s vague twitter announcements were, well, to put it as delicately as I can: jumping the gun.

I don’t mean to be a total downer about this – I swear, I try to be an overall positive person – but with each with that passes with nothing but a tiny trickle of confirmed announcements, my confidence dwindles.

So let’s move on to something not quite as bleak, shall we?

In Flash/Supergirl crossover news, Grant Gustin has spent the week posting photos from the set of the episode which have been as exciting as they have been adorable.

Also, some confirmation that the two shows are happening on alternate Earths came in this week’s Flash episode, which featured the team traveling to Earth-2 for the first time. During the jump between universes, several easter egg style glimpses of other worlds can be seen, including a split second look at an alternate Green Arrow, a clip an episode from the Flash TV show of the 90s, and, you guessed it, Melissa Benoist as Supergirl.

So, the crossover episode is definitely going to involve some fancy dimensional footwork. I, for one, can’t wait.

The Flash/Supergirl crossover episode will air on Monday, March 28th,

And finally, amidst the advertising madness of the Super Bowl, Turkish Airlines dropped a pair of Batman vs. Superman sponsored ads that were as fun to watch as they were clever.




I’m a huge sucker for “viral” style marketing like this, and I’m also glad to finally have some Batman vs. Superman promotional material that doesn’t make me cringe and fear for the future.

If I had the extra cash, I’d be totally down to book myself a flight to Gotham.


Meg Downey

Meg Downey

Meg a midwestern transplant to Los Angeles but she feels most at home in Gotham City. She is the DC news columnist as well as a freelance contributor for WWAC. She loves Robins (of the sidekick variety), robots (of the "in disguise" variety), and spending too much money on her pull list every week.

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  1. The Superbowl spots for BvS were actually really fun. I was surprised because most of the promos for the movie have been pretty similar in tone, which has been serious, grim, and “epic”. But these were fun, light hearted, and added a nice bit of world building to their overall story. Super excited for the Flash/Supergirl crossover (and none for Arrow bye). Lalala Rebirth and I’m still crying about Starfire.

    1. I want to see more promos like this instead of the trailers. Trailers are so boring now, practically giving away the whole movie. Give me actual fun, interesting promotional material.

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