DC Daily Planet: Go on tour with Black Canary

Welcome to the end of a blissfully slow news week here in our little corner of the DCU. Things have settled down in a major way but this calm is likely only going to last another two weeks or so before major events like the Wondercon Rebirth announcements, the solicits for June, and the release of Batman vs Superman come in and shake things up with all the grace and subtlety of a natural disaster.

So, let’s enjoy this while it lasts, shall we?

This week marked the release of the first Black Canary trade, the DCYou’s rock star reimagining by Burnside Batgirl team member Brendan Fletcher and Annie Wu on art. The series is (we assume) slated for cancelation after issue 12 and Dinah’s status in the post-Rebirth line up is still up in the air, but the uncertainty of the future has done nothing to stop the team from going full steam ahead on cross-platform promotion.

A three track, real world EP by Dinah’s fictional band was released in tandem with the book and is available to stream here on Bandcamp. It’s honestly just great music, even if you haven’t picked up the book.

On top of the EP, the official DC website now features a “tour page” for the band with all kinds of fun in-universe trivia and easter eggs like tour dates in places like Central City and Metropolis. In all honesty it’s some of my favorite cross-platform promotion I’ve seen a publisher pull off. Obviously. Black Canary’s rock music bent really lends itself to this sort of thing in a way that a lot of their cape-and-cowl superhero books don’t, but still. This is clearly the culmination of a huge amount of effort from the creative team and DC editorial and it’s really impressive.

Now, if we could just get this level of care and attention paid to the release of some of their other DCYou titles or recently published trades…

Also in response to some rumors about Fletcher confirmed he and Wu are sticking out the rest of Black Canary’s run after a rumor reported them leaving the book before Rebirth.

In TV news, Bleeding Cool has reported some hot takes from their read through of the pilot script for NBC’s new DCU-based workplace comedy, Powerless. For the most part, the pilot sounds like pretty standard major network scripted comedy fair in the vein of shows like The Office or Parks and Rec and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Honestly, it sounds pretty charming. The insurance office the show revolves around has been given the name “Retcon Life and Casualty Insurance” which made me grin, and reports of a character’s cubicle being decorated with “beefcake magazine cut outs” of DC heroes is a fun world building touch.

Obviously, as the report takes care to note, the selling point of the pilot will be how these details and snappy jokes are actually handled in the translation from script to screen, so, it’s way too early to count and chickens or to get excited but it looks like Powerless might have some merits.

The current Powerless cast roster includes Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk.

The Batman vs Superman release date is getting closer and closer, and it’s bringing with it a string of goofy social media stunts and publicity from the cast that are nothing if not charming as heck.

But I’ll be honest, the comfort I gained from the realization that the cast is having what seems to be genuine fun with promotional stuff was immediately spun back into anxiety when I read this report from MoviePilot where Geoff Johns talks the inclusion and identity of the Robin in the film.

About the suit, Johns says “We will be exploring that. No one says specifically the name of which Robin it is.”

So…a few steps forward and a few steps back on the BvS Anxiety Rollercoaster, it would seem, but, y’know, what else is new?

Meg Downey

Meg Downey

Meg a midwestern transplant to Los Angeles but she feels most at home in Gotham City. She is the DC news columnist as well as a freelance contributor for WWAC. She loves Robins (of the sidekick variety), robots (of the "in disguise" variety), and spending too much money on her pull list every week.

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  1. I loathe MoviePilot’s clickbait articles so I’m not putting any stock in what they say on the Robin issue. I’m just happy 1. Robin is being included and 2. the cast is having fun with this seemingly overly dark gritty movie. The Black Canary EP is amazing. That’s good marketing.

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