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    Anna Tschetter

    Anna is a teen librarian North of Boston. She runs, sews, eats cookies, and is so obnoxious she names all of her D&D characters after 19th century New England whaling families. Tweetsies: @lcarslibrarian

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  • Grit by Gillian French [Review]

    Grit by Gillian French [Review]0

    • May 19, 2017

    Grit Gillian French HarperTeen May 16, 2017 I love a small town story. I grew up in various small towns around the Midwest so I can really appreciate when an author can capture the sense of claustrophobia that sometimes comes with that life. Gillian French’s Grit explores those themes but never quite gets there for

  • Makers of Tampon Run Tell It like It Is: A Girl Code Review

    Makers of Tampon Run Tell It like It Is: A Girl Code Review0

    There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the endless runner web and phone game Tampon Run. If you haven’t seen it, go play the cute and strangely addictive game where you throw tampons at bullies and try to combat the menstruation taboo. The game became an internet sensation when it debuted in 2014 for

  • Dice Vice Takes Acid Trip through Irish Mythology with Inis

    Dice Vice Takes Acid Trip through Irish Mythology with Inis0

    Art is one of the most crucial factors for me in game design. Obviously, the way a game plays is important, too.  But If I’m going to be spending a few hours staring at a game, the art better be something I like.

  • Dogears: Inverting Tropes in Storytelling

    Dogears: Inverting Tropes in Storytelling0

    • March 3, 2017

    Becoming Unbecoming Una Arsenal Pulp Press December 1, 2015 Una simultaneously explores the terror of living through her own sexual abuses and the entirely-too-geographically-close Yorkshire Ripper’s serial killings in 1977 Northern England. There is an amazing amount of thoughtful material about abuser’s tactics, survivor’s coping mechanisms, the commonplace attitudes that breed violence against women, and