WWAC Weekend Review: Telling it Like it Is

Here at WWAC, we are never afraid to speak our minds, even–especially–when our minds don’t fall in with the reigning sentiment. Whether we are loving Gambit and sexy fanfiction, or hate hate hating that awful Dr. Strange trailer, we are going to share our honest criticisms and critiques. Because that is what we do.

On Monday…

Ta-Nehisi Coates gives Kate Tanski hope for Marvel comics. Carly Smith reviews Nintendo’s Miimoto app. Insha Fitzpatrick and Desiree RodriMiss Fury Vol 2, #1, cover by Tula Lotay, Dynamite 2016guez take on Frankie Charles in this Beauty and the Geek stealth cosplay. Miss Fury–the first female superhero written and drawn by a woman–returns.

On Tuesday…

With the introduction of Target’s first male plus size model, Ginnis Tonnik has something to say about body positivity, representation, and desire. KM Bezner rounds up the exciting news from Image Expo in Incredible Indie Tuesday.  Claire Napier discusses the commercialized suffering in Pierre Lemaitre’s IreneThere’s more sexy talk in our April Sex month as WWAC explores and learns from the eroticism of sexy fanfic.

For many, fandom wasn’t just a way to explore the impossible; it was also a safe space where people could talk frankly and honestly about sex. It’s one of the few spaces where people could talk about preferences and kinks and not feel judged for them. YKINMK (your kink is not my kink) wasn’t just an expression to let people agree to disagree, but explicit acceptance.

On Wednesday…

Never afraid to go against the grain, WWAC tells you why we don’t like the Dr. Strange trailer at all–but Megan Purdy, Claire Napier, and Wendy Browne definitely do like that ragin’ Cajun, Gambit. Insha Fitzpatrick finds urban legends and crystal gems in her review of the new Stephen Universe comic and Brenda Noiseaux talks random genders and Elektra in Get Your Game on Wednesday.

On Thursday…

Ardo Omer reviews the role of residential schools in fiction in Black Apple. Kirsten Thompson explores the palpable role of class in Hannibal. Shakespeare and Rachel Dolezal top the headlines in this week’s book industry news. Chloe Macpherson introduces us to Laura Kinney and reviews the “Sisters” arc in All-New Wolverine.

ANW #1

On Friday…

Kate Tanski, Megan Purdy, and Wendy Browne went back to the beginning with Orphan Black’s season four premiere. Suzanne Walker tackles the question of accessibility at conventions. Angel Cruz invites us down the KDrama rabbit hole with news about Dramaworld. Meg Downey talks ECCC and Young Animal in this week’s DC Daily Planet.

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