Walgreen’s Wonder Woman Make-Up Collection: Beauty, Brawn, and Brains

Walgreen’s long awaited Wonder Woman collection has finally hit stores. The Wonder Woman collection includes a brush set, red lipstick, a pack of three lip glosses, an eight set eyeshadow palette, a three piece set of liquid liners in gold, blue, and black, bronzer, a pack of two nail polishes, and a “comic book” that includes lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye primer, and gloss. A few years ago MAC Cosmetics released their own Wonder Woman makeup collection that included lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, eye liner, nail polish, and blush. Needless to say, the Walgreen’s Wonder Woman collection is on the more affordable side. I took the time to review a few of the products that were released last week: the liquid liners, nail polish, eyeshadow palette, and brush set.

The brush set is cute with a clear Wonder Woman style in mind. The brushes each have an adorable “W” symbol below the brushes bristles, and the bristles are soft and feel durable, but only time will tell how well they hold up. I really liked how the shadow brush was tight and enabled me to really pack on the powder, but my favorite brush was the lip brush. I love lip art, and while I currently own a lip brush, the one included in this package is really nice.

The liquid liners were a bit more trouble. I love the packaging, and the amount of product each tube has. However I struggled with the applicators a bit. I typically switch between my eyeliner brush (ELF Studio brand) and the provided liner applicator. The trouble was applying the liner to my lids. The gold liner (called Golden Lasso), felt like it was very sheer, more sheer gold with gold glitter than a stronger golden color you see in the bottle. Plus as the formula was drying, it made my eye sting quite a bit. Once dried the stinging stopped, but those with sensitive eyes, be aware. The final coat did come out looking nice, but I worry how much the gold will stick out against darker shadows. if at all.

The blue liquid liner (called Superhero) is a much stronger color, which I appreciated. I don’t worry about not showing up against shadow. The liner, however, is very wet and takes some time (about forty seconds to a minute) to dry. Once dried, I noticed it felt a bit heavy, as if it would crack and flake off. Luckily, I tested it and there was no flaking or cracking. The color stayed for near ten hours, strong and lightweight. My biggest issue with Superhero is applying it. You have to wait those forty or so seconds for it to dry to apply any more product. So if you have trouble applying the perfect winged eyeliner make sure you have enough time to allow Superhero to dry before trying to apply more.

The final liner, Warrior Black, is my favorite of the three. It’s a dark black that dries matte, didn’t sting when applied, and didn’t feel dry or flaky. Unlike with Superhero, I didn’t struggle applying this liner (anymore than a regular liquid) or have to wait any time for it to dry. Warrior Black dried quickly, and it was easy to apply more without smearing If you want a cool black liquid liner with an even cooler design this is your pick.

The eyeshadow palette is what I feel is the standout of the Wonder Woman collection pieces I bought. The shadows feel very nice, not overly creamy or heavy. The texture is nice, and there’s next to no fallout. I don’t like shadow crumbs on my cheeks after I apply eyeshadow and was really glad to see none from the Paradise Eye palette. The colors include: Olympia (a sheer shimmer pale white), Wisdom (a dull pink  matte with brown undertones), Strength (a silver shimmer with brown undertones), Heroic Beauty (a matte reddish brown), Spitfire (an orange-red with shimmer), Spirit of Truth (a blue with silver undertones and shimmer), Victorious (a matte blue with silver undertones), and Freedom Fighter (a matte dark blue with black undertones).

Out of all the shadows, Victorious, Spirit of Truth, and Heroic Beauty were my favorites. Olympia was just a shade too sheer for me. It would work well, however, as a brow highlight or an inner eye highlight more than an over-the-lid shadow. Again, my favorite part of the Paradise Eye palette was the fact that the formula felt nice on my eyes and there was next to no fallout.

The nail polishes were a pleasant surprise. I don’t often use nail polish (and when I do I mess it up), but I’m trying to actively use more of it. I bought a duo set in Lady Truth (a reddish pink) and Beauty, Brains, and Brawn (a clear polish with specks of gold, blue, and red glitter). Lady Truth (a name I love) is a lot less pink than I thought it would be looking at the bottle. It has some pinkish undertones, but it’s very much a red polish. My favorite part of this set is that the polish dries quickly. Lady Truth dried in under a minute and didn’t smudge or smush when I touched things. Sorry about the bad paint job, I’m still practicing.

The main takeaway I got from this collection was that there was thought and time put into it. It wasn’t thrown together like Covergirl’s Star Wars collection (too wet mascara, near sheer lipsticks, and horrible eyeliner). Some of the collections names weren’t overly imaginative – superhero is a pretty basic name – but others I thought were really clever. The packaging all around is adorable and very in line with the idea and style of Wonder Woman. I love using the brushes, as well as the bag the brushes come with. I love the way the liquid liners look, even if they aren’t perfect in application. I can’t wait to try the lipstick and glosses next.

Walgreen's Wonder Woman collection plus my Robin & Nightwing pillows
Walgreen’s Wonder Woman collection plus my Robin & Nightwing pillows

It’s a more affordable line all around than MAC’s, but still a bit pricey (everything ranged between 11.99 to 6.99 plus tax). If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman and want to have some pieces to your makeup collection I recommend the eye shadow palette hands down. The colors are great, they feel great, and the names are clever. If you could buy just the Warrior Black liner I’d recommend that without question as well. The addition of Superhero and Golden Lasso make it a bit harder to justify. The blue of Superhero looks great, but the application process and drying time might make it more trouble than it’s worth for some people.

Overall, I really liked this collection and think it’s worth the buy if you’re a fan of both makeup and Wonder Woman.

Desiree Rodriguez

Desiree Rodriguez

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