Day: July 31, 2015

Emma Frost by John Byrne - Classic X-Men, Marvel Comics

Sequential Sartorial: Fetishists, Unlike Emma Frost, Understand Occasion

Welcome to the X-Men, where second-skin garmentry is commonplace—hope you survive the experience! Amongst the X-Men is a villain-turned-teacher (turned heroine, though never nice); her name is Emma Frost. For most of her history, she’s worn all-white, though recently she turned to all-black. But just as often as she’s been monochromatic, she’s been clothed in outfits…

Witchblade #175 cover, Laura Braga & Betsy Gonia, Top Cow, 2015

Disciple of the Witchblade

When Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri and all those X-Men artists I loved packed up and started Image Comics and its various subsidiaries, I followed, mesmerized by the shiny covers and promises of badass babes. This was the age of the Bad Girl: empowered women in spine-violating, perky-nippled poses. Somewhere deep inside me, my inner…