Kickstarter of the Week: Zombies on Bicycles

Pedal Zombies Amelia Greenhall Microcosm Publishing 2015

I love a good zombie story. I also love a good science fiction story. Put ’emPedal Zombies Amelia Greenhall Microcosm Publishing 2015 together, throw in a bicycle and what do you get?

Pedal Zombies!

Pedal Zombies is a collection of feminist stories that provide a unique look at the upcoming zombie apocalypse. With bicycles. It’s actually the third volume of the Bikes in Space series, a collection of feminist bicycle science fiction anthologies published by Microcosm Publishing.

The thirteen stories in this collection are varied, experimental and unique. Some examples include:

  • Internal memos from a bicycle retailer as they struggle to keep their catalog up to date with an escalating zombie war
  • Tales of living humans using bicycles as they fight, escaping from, and race against zombies…and each other
  • A short, funny comic about a would-be zombie hunter
  • Possibly the first-ever zombie story about menstruation
  • A convincing plea for zombie rights

I am all for supporting people who are out there trying to push the limits of fiction and tell old stories (like a zombie apocalypse) in new ways and from new perspectives.

Pedal Zombies is asking for $6000 in order to pay for printing costs, backer rewards, shipping and contributor payments.

Backer rewards start at only $10, which includes a copy of the book and some zombie rights stickers. Other rewards include previous volumes of Bikes in Space, library donations, themed jewellery and at the higher levels editing and ebook formatting for your own project.

But hurry! There’s only a few days left to support some great feminist fiction and help keep The Undead Liberation Front from winning!

Christa Seeley

Christa Seeley

Books Editor. Maple Flavoured Darth Vader Fangirl.