Day: July 16, 2015

The Thursday Book Beat: Who Reads the Watchman?

Studios bid for rights in The Name of the Wind Fantasy novels featuring anti-heroes seem to be the hot new property in Hollywood, and it was only a matter of time before Patrick Rothfuss’ work caught producers’ eyes. The Name of the Wind, the first novel in the Kingkiller Chronicles, has started a bidding war between big…

Manic DC Dream Girl: The DC Super Hero Girls Site Has Launched, and We Have Questions

Many fans and geek blogs have already discussed DC’s latest vocal commitment to diversity. When they first announced DC Super Hero Girls, there were problems with how they phrased their press release. That’s a pattern, it seems: “Here’s diversity! Now watch us continue to disenfranchise minority characters!” That’s how it feels when DC speaks these days….

Dissecting the Asian Drama: Gender Boundaries, Perception, and Performance in You’re Beautiful and Hana Kimi (Part 1)

Should you ever find yourself perusing Netflix, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll come across “foreign” TV shows. They’re usually shorter than the average American TV series—ten or eleven episodes in length and rarely more than one season long—and more often than not, they are romantic comedies with Asian characters and settings.