The Thursday Book Beat: Who Reads the Watchman?

Studios bid for rights in The Name of the Wind

Fantasy novels featuring anti-heroes seem to be the hot new property in Hollywood, and it was only a matter of time before Patrick Rothfuss’ work caught producers’ eyes. The Name of the Wind, the first novel in the Kingkiller Chronicles, has started a bidding war between big studios like Warner Bros., Lionsgate, MGM, Fox, and Universal. With the series still ongoing, a set of films would not only draw fans already familiar with Rothfuss’ stories, but build up a new audience as well.

Go Set a Watchman breaks records

If my own book community circles were anything to go by, everyone and their families were at least planning to pre-order or pick up Harper Lee’s novel Go Set a Watchman yesterday. The overwhelming response to what’s being called the novel of the century/a rejected first draft/a sequel to Lee’s successful To Kill a Mockingbird led to the novel shattering sales records. Barnes and Noble reported that their first day sales of Watchman was the highest among adult fiction titles in company history. While publisher HarperCollins might rejoice in the positive reception from readers, only time will reveal if Watchman will end up as Lee’s second classic, taught side-by-side with Mockingbird.

Carly Simon memoir out this fall

This song might not be about you, but the memoir coming from 80s pop idol Carly Simon will definitely be all about her, and her life in the spotlight.

“This book is my way of going back through my childhood, my music, my romances, my marriage … and trying to make sense of it all,” Simon said in a release. “I’ve been working on it for so long that it feels like my third child … but now it’s time to send that child out in the world.  It’s one of the most frightening — and exciting — things I’ve ever done.”

Novelist Kerry Hudson calls for elimination of unpaid internships in the U.K.

Unpaid internships have been challenged in multiple markets and industries over the last few years, but Kerry Hudson thinks it’s about time the U.K. publishing industry phases them out for good. As part of her lecture at the Untold Stories, Unheard Voices, she will discuss how “only 11% of publishing house respondents had recruitment ties with non-Oxbridge universities; she will highlight the lack of audits for diversity in publishing, and the industry’s predilection for unpaid internships, which exclude those unable to afford working for free.” It’s a brave call to action in an field where diversity is only proving itself to be more necessary than ever–literature needs to reflect its audience and their stories.

Jennifer Lawrence cast in The Rosie Project

Reddit starts their first book club with Ernest Cline’s Armada

Melville House to publish Pope Francis’ climate change encyclical

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