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    Ashley Leckwold

    Ashley is a writer based out of Atlanta with a penchant for all things nerdy. She's been featured in the "Killer Queen" and "27" comic anthologies from Red Stylo Media, but she's also written for websites like Nerdophiles, The Rainbow Hub, PopOptiq and Graphic Policy. She can often be found at her own blog and tweeting under the handle @misskittyf, where she cries about comics, TV, pro-wrestling and music.

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  • A Man Created My Goddess: Dawn and Me

    A Man Created My Goddess: Dawn and Me0

    I’m a pretty unabashed feminist. Even as a kid, I drifted towards statements of girl power before I understood the foundations working behind it. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve continually worked on understanding the complexities of feminism and privilege, trying my best to confront my own privileges and learning how to be an intersectional feminist.