• Carol Appreciation: A Love Letter

    This is the fourth in our series of Carol Appreciation posts. Also check out Megan Byrd’s review of Captain Marvel #1, Valtyr’s ode to Ultimate Carol, and Garrideb’s look at Carol and female friendship.  When I walked into my comics shop on Wednesday, the owner–goes by the name of Steve, rarely seen without his Captain

  • Carol Appreciation: Ultimate Carol Danvers

    Carol Appreciation: Ultimate Carol Danvers

    A guest post by Valtyr “I will arrest you, no matter how many times you outrank me.” In honour of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s new Captain Marvel, which Megan Byrd reviewed for us on Wednesday, I decided to dedicate the weekend to Carol Appreciation. This is the first in a series of guest posts about the

  • Review: Captain Marvel #1

    Review: Captain Marvel #1

    Captain Marvel #1 Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick Artist: Dexter Soy Marvel Comics A debut issue is a challenging beast in comics; this is doubly so for a book that is re-introducing an established character to old and new fans alike. It is a delicate balance between showing what we know to be true while still

  • Interview with Laura Sneddon

    Girls, Comics, and ComicBookGrrrls With one foot in blogland and one in professional byline journalism Laura Sneddon is blazing her way to where to action is. Claire Napier If, like me, you’ve followed her interviews with Stan Lee, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison in the Independent’s Arts & Entertainment section you might be impressed by

  • Jughead IS Joe Strummer: Interview with Laura Jane Faulds

    A “Veronica” says Archie comics are more punk than you think (well, just Jughead really). Laura Jane Faulds is a writer, with a perfect name, who is from Canada. When I first read her words she was on No Good For Me, and if you like to read, read the NGFM archive. These days she

  • New Readers and Representation: Interview with Saranga of New Readers… Start Here!

    LGBTQ representation, reaching new readers, and the greatness of Supergirl(s). I met Saranga during one of those awkwardly sprawling Twitter conversations that inevitably gift you with new people to follow and be followed by. Then I found out she ran a site dedicated to helping people new to comics figure it all out, and thought,

  • Make Mine Manga: Interview with Melinda Beasi

    Melinda Beasi talks girls comics, blogging, and international manga fandom.  Melinda Beasi is founding editor of Manga Bookshelf, a manga review site home to a wealth of reviewers with their own tastes and subjects… including our own founding editor here at WWAC. Since interviewing your own boss is a bit of a funny one I

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Digital (Only): Interview with Corrina Lawson of GeekMom

    Lois Lane, women in comics, and the business of bringing the industry into the digital age. Corrina Lawson is a journalist-turned-blogger who’s written extensively about comics and the comics industry. She’s a contributor to GeekDad and Sequential Tart, and a senior editor of GeekMom. Corrina is also a fiction writer, and has just had her

  • Part of the Problem

    I remember being about 10, and playing the X-Men arcade game that was basically a ripoff of Street Fighter, only you could be Dazzler instead of Cammy. Over my shoulder, I heard a kid behind me say, “A GIRL?” Back then, it didn’t bother me. I wore it with a badge of pride. Yes, I

  • Master Post: Women In Refrigerators 13 Years Later

    In 1999 Gail Simone asked the comics industry and fandom a question: why does this keep happening? Why do so many female characters keep turning up dead? Why are they so often tortured and raped? That was the start of Women In Refrigerators. Today WiR is a widely recognized trope in comics fandom and beyond.

  • Women In Refrigerators (2)

    Women In Refrigerators (2)

    We’ve got some great posts by smart ladies for you today… and some thoughts on WiR from guy (yes, we promised we’d link to your contributions too, guys). First off, certainshadesoflight reflects on the difficulty of just responding to the issue:

  • Women In Refirgerators: 13 Years Later (1)

    Women In Refirgerators: 13 Years Later (1)

    Our first roundup post is short on links, but not on ideas. First off, didyoueverstoptothink of Tumblr and WordPress reflects on the difficulty of responding to this week’s theme, Women In Refrigerators 13 Years Later:

  • Women Write About Comics: Round One

    Women Write About Comics: Round One

    Women In Refrigerators, 13 Years Later January 22nd – 28th, 2012 In 1999, writer Gail Simone and some like-minded friends created a controversial site, Women In Refrigerators. The site hosted a fairly comprehensive list of female comic book characters who had been killed or maimed, usually to generate emotional trouble for a male lead. The