Two Girls One Tank, Issue #1 by Alan Martin and Brett Parson, Titan Comics, 2016 Two Girls One Tank, Issue #1 by Alan Martin and Brett Parson, Titan Comics, 2016

Tank Girl Kangaroo Jerky

Tank Girl’s boyfriend is Booga, who is a man but also a kangaroo. This Tank Girl-themed snack is kangaroo jerky. Jerked kangaroo. Booga’s been jerked and you’re supposed to eat it. Dick jokes. Dick jokes. Dick jokes. DICK JOKES!!! So yeah, obviously I bought it.

On Ghostbusters, Gender, and Hate

The Ghostbusters reboot has been at the center of much controversy and mud-flinging ever since the all-woman cast was announced back in January 2015. When the film premiered in the UK on Monday to pretty decent reviews— a certified fresh 75 percent on Rotten Tomatoes—a Ghostbusters Reddit thread appeared, claiming they needed to undermine the film’s…

Crop of cover for Tarpe Mills & Miss Fury, The Best of the 1940s, edited by Trina Robbins

Review: Miss Fury #3

Miss Fury Vol. 2, Issue #3 Corinna Bechko (writer), Jonathan Lau (illustrator), Vincius Andrade (colorer), Simon Bowland (letterer), Tula Lotay (cover) Dynamite June 1, 2016 Since issue #4 of this five-issue run isn’t set to drop until July 27, I took my time reviewing this one. (You believe that, right?) Anyway, in issue #3, we…

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Love Letter to My Best Friends

Ann Patchett in Truth and Beauty: A Friendship writes, “Whenever I saw her, I felt like I had been living in another country, doing moderately well in another language, and then she showed up speaking English and suddenly I could speak with all the complexity and nuance that I hadn’t realized was gone. With Lucy…

Designed We Stand: How Basic Design Procedures Could Have Spared Marvel Embarrassment

We sometimes forget, in our passion projects and favourite serials, that comics are a business. An industry that exists to make money. And sometimes it appears that the people who forget that most are professionals working in comics. We’ve discussed bad or odd business before — but this time, it isn’t about money. We need…