Red Sonja

Review: Red Sonja #2-6

Red Sonja Vol. 3, #2-6 Marguerite Bennett (writer), Aneke (illustrator), Aneke & Diego Galindo (illustrators #4-5), Jorge Sutil (colorist), Jorge Sutil & Morgan Hickman (colorists on #3), Erica Schultz (letterer) Dynamite 2016 Disclaimer: This review is based on advanced review copies from Dynamite. I had been anticipating Bennett’s work on Red Sonja ever since Dynamite…

Heat Guy J

Can a Bad Anime Be Art? Heat Guy J

Heat Guy J was a twenty-six episode animated series that aired in Japan in 2002 and wasn’t particularly well-received. For whatever reason, possibly in recognition of the positive reception director Kazuki Akane had previously enjoyed in the West through Escaflowne, it was exported anyway. Box sets with dub and sub experiences available were later sold…