Zombicide: Feel Real Despair!

It’s October, and while many of us here at WWAC are thinking about witches, I’ve got zombies on the brain. Generally, I like zombies, and with Halloween coming up, it’s the perfect time to ponder the nature of humanity and confront our discomfort with the dead by thinking about zombies.

Previously on Comics: NYCC and More

There are the kinds of comic cons I grew up with where cool stars from your favorite childhood sci-fi series showed up to let you pay for their autographed headshots, and most of the reason you went was to show off your cosplay and buy the discount floppies you’d forgotten to pick up that past…

GeekGirlCon 2016, Seattle WA

WWAC at GeekGirlCon!

Hey there! Are you in the Seattle area this weekend? Are you coming to GeekGirlCon? If you’re not, then do yourself a favor: clear your schedule. Then come to one of the most supportive, family-friendly, awesome, community-oriented, positive, and awesome cons around. Did I say it was awesome? But in all seriousness: this is my…

Gamer Mom, Wendy & daughters' hands around various controllers

MMOs: The Real Reason I Had Kids

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) games are great fun. I like to think of them as an opportunity to chat with my online friends while doing productive things like killing dragons. But as with all things, there are downsides to this type of video game, too. The companies that develop them thrive on keeping you entertained…