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Con Diaries: Chicago Zine Fest

It’s been two weeks since I attended the Chicago Zine Festival (CZF), but I still feel the aftershocks of love, community, excitement, and exhaustion. In my experience, zine festivals and alternative comics expos are designed with accessibility in mind. There is no entrance fee or admission cost is very low, events take place during typical…

Spider Gwen, She-Hulk Marvel Women of Power

Funko and Marvel’s Women of Power

I’ve been diligently avoiding subscription boxes for quite a while now, vicariously living through my friend’s subscription instead. The field has become so saturated with subscription boxes there’s now one available for everything you can imagine. But what if you don’t want everything you can imagine? What if you want to be a bit frugal, even as…

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This Week in WWAC History: X-Men Lists

Not only do the WWAC staffers put together great essays, reviews, and comic industry news, they also compile lists on a variety of topics. Some of our more popular lists involve Red-Headed Superheroes (and Villains) and a list of Harley Quinn’s Best to Worst Outfits. This weekend we’ve combed the archives for a sample of lists on…