• An introduction to comics academia in the form of a letter to my past self

    An introduction to comics academia in the form of a letter to my past self

    Dear Past Amanda (upon your graduation from high school), Hang on to your hat! Setting aside the fact that these are all spoilers, let me tell you what’s going to happen next: You’re going to live in a castle (what?!) and during your extensive trawling of the internet, you’ll find out about these things that are today

  • Interview with Artist Roc Upchurch

    Artist Roc Upchurch has been ROCKING Rat Queens and we wanted to catch up with him and find out more about this awesome artist.

  • News & Things: Beat the Wednesday blues

    Need a bump to make it through hump day? Check out these feel good links about creativity, collaboration and celebrating our fangirl selves. News Webcomic Artist Swap Project results are in In the annual events, 12 artists swapped creative duties on their webcomics last week and now you can view the results. Commentary A new

  • Interview: Carson Kreitzer, playwright of Lasso of Truth

    Did you know Wonder Woman’s creator also invented the lie detector? Knowing that before creating Diana he was building the first polygraph really puts her lasso’s powers in a whole new light. A new play explores the unusual life William Moulton Marston, the man behind Wonder Woman, and the woman the iconic character was based

  • Nerd Wedding Roundtable

    Nerd Wedding Roundtable

    The decline of marriage has been a hot topic in media lately, but one area of matrimony that is on the rise: nerd weddings. As more folks marry for love and mutual interests (historically, reasons lower on the list of marriage requirements), new traditions are being forged along the way.

  • News & Things: Hop on the Digital Comics Love Train

    News & Things: Hop on the Digital Comics Love Train

    Marvel to Offer One-Month Free Trial to Read 15,000 Digital Comics Marvel’s planning a new digital giveaway to kick off by offering a month’s free access to its Marvel Unlimited app. You’ll be able to check out 15,000 digital back-issues going back to the ’60s and as recent as just 6 months ago. Perfect time

  • 10 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

    Each year, the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) reviews graphic novels for their inclusion into their Great Graphic Novels for Teens (GGNT) list. The list comprises graphic novels with teen appeal for the middle-school through college ages of 12-18 that also represent quality literature. The 2014 list was announced at the beginning of February.

  • Buffy, Buffy Comics, adaptations & portraiture: roundtable!

    Buffy, Buffy Comics, adaptations & portraiture: roundtable!

      We get previews and alerts and review pdfs in our inboxes, and we don’t go full-interest on every one. (This is behind the scenes stuff, hold tight.) We don’t discuss everything, either, not by a long way; usually we each take a hold of what looks interesting to us, and occasionally one of our