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  • Extermination #2 Pushes us Closer Toward the Edge

    Extermination #2 Pushes us Closer Toward the Edge0

    Extermination #2 Ed Brisson (Writer), Marte Gracia (Colorist), Pepe Larraz (Artist), Joe Sabino (Letterer) Marvel Comics August 29, 2018 “I’m going with them.” The four words at the end of Extermination #2 told me all I needed to know and I honestly couldn’t be more hooked on this book. This is a comic focused on returning the time

  • Extermination #1 Leaves a Big Impact

    Extermination #1 Leaves a Big Impact0

    Extermination #1 Ed Brisson (writer), Pepe Laraz (artist), Marte Garcia (colorist), Jo Sabino (letterer) Marvel Comics August 15, 2018 The saga of the time-displaced Original Five (or O5, as they’ve come to be known) X-Men has gone on for a long time. Too long, some might say. Brought forward by a rather bitter Beast to