• Catwoman: The Loss of a Lady

    Catwoman: The Loss of a Lady

    Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman adorned my high school locker, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve made any real attempt to get to know this character. I’ve always liked Selina Kyle, but I didn’t know why, beyond having an affinity for feline-esque, rule-defying women. Yet she sits among my trifecta of female anti-heroes, alongside Aeon Flux and

  • Review–Superman: Lois Lane One Shot

    Review–Superman: Lois Lane One Shot

    Superman: Lois Lane Marguerite Bennet Emanuela Lupachina, Megan Ketrick, Ig Guara, Diogenes Neves The first thing I noticed about this one shot was the majority female storytelling team. The second thing I noticed was the shining filament of connectivity with previous versions of Lois Lane. Even though this is The New 52! (complete with exclamation

  • Store Review: Rodman Comics

    Rodman Comics 318 South Ankeny Blvd Ankeny, IA 50023 (515) 965-4592 My partner and I just bought a house in Ankeny, Iowa. It’s a suburb of Des Moines (our capital city) with a population of about 50,000. I’ve been living out of state for a couple years and knew very little about Ankeny so I

  • Short & Sweet: That Comic Game

    Short & Sweet: That Comic Game

    It’s an all Wendy, all game-adaptations edition of Short & Sweet! We(ndy) reviews Tomb Raider #1 and Mass Effect: Foundation #8.

  • An introduction to comics academia in the form of a letter to my past self

    An introduction to comics academia in the form of a letter to my past self

    Dear Past Amanda (upon your graduation from high school), Hang on to your hat! Setting aside the fact that these are all spoilers, let me tell you what’s going to happen next: You’re going to live in a castle (what?!) and during your extensive trawling of the internet, you’ll find out about these things that are today

  • Interview with Artist Roc Upchurch

    Artist Roc Upchurch has been ROCKING Rat Queens and we wanted to catch up with him and find out more about this awesome artist.

  • News & Things: Beat the Wednesday blues

    Need a bump to make it through hump day? Check out these feel good links about creativity, collaboration and celebrating our fangirl selves. News Webcomic Artist Swap Project results are in In the annual events, 12 artists swapped creative duties on their webcomics last week and now you can view the results. Commentary A new

  • Interview: Carson Kreitzer, playwright of Lasso of Truth

    Did you know Wonder Woman’s creator also invented the lie detector? Knowing that before creating Diana he was building the first polygraph really puts her lasso’s powers in a whole new light. A new play explores the unusual life William Moulton Marston, the man behind Wonder Woman, and the woman the iconic character was based