7 Geeky Ways to Use Your Planner

Pens and pencils and markers

2019 is almost here, but it doesn’t look like Kelly Sue DeConnick has managed to put together the “Bitch Plan It” planner many of us had hoped for. That means I’ll be sticking with my Passion Planner for another year, and have expanded my planner cult to include more and more people.

I was never a planner person before, but I am a changed woman now, hosting or attending planner planning sessions to prepare for the coming year. To-do lists, trackers, check-ins, stickers, memories, goal setting. This is how I roll now. See? It’s right there in my planner.

For me, the key to becoming a planner person has been the realization that a planner doesn’t need to be just about jotting down when an event happens or when a bill needs to be paid. My planner has become an archive of a year in my life, and I love flipping back through the lovingly decorated pages.

My preference is the Passion Planner for my planning needs, but there are many options, including bullet journaling, when it comes to getting yourself organized while also expressing your personal style. Whatever you end up using to get your life organized, there’s nothing that says you can’t be geeky while you’re at it.

Track Your Comics

There are a lot of planner sites that focus on tracking books, but don’t forget all those comics that you’re going to read in the year too. You can get as detailed as you want, tracking by issue numbers of a particular series, and even adding your personal rating system.

I attend a monthly book club at my comic store, and we try to plan out our reads months in advance. I print out the cover of each of our reads and paste it in on our meeting day, which makes for both a helpful reminder, and a nice decorative option.

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Get Your Game On

Planning doesn’t have to only be about the serious, responsible adult stuff. Visit our sister site, Sidequest, to see how I use my planner to make the most of my gaming, from scheduling gaming nights with my equally busy friends, to keeping track of character sheets, and more.

Convention Planning

There is always so much going on at a convention and you don’t want to miss out on any of it. Sure there are convenient apps or digital calendars that you can use to keep you on track, but do any of them make for cool keepsakes like this?

A page from Wendy Browne's planner featuring plans and pictures for Comic-on
SDCC plans and pictures

Washi Tape is Your Best Friend

Decorating your planner is half the fun, and washi tape is one of the most popular ways to do it. Washi tape comes in any number of colour and designs. Some of them even include your favourite comic or movie themes.

Stickers Are Also Your Best Friend

Why should kids have all the fun? Don’t ever let anyone tell you that stickers aren’t also for grown ups. You can plaster stickers all over your journal. Pick them up or order them from any stationary or craft store. Reward yourself with Wonder Woman stickers, or go all out with full on sticker themes for the the entire month. Or make your own!

Take a Pic

Printing photos is a thing that few people do anymore. At a group session, I was the only one who raised my hand when asked who still printed pictures. While I don’t actively keep photo albums of events as I once did, I do print out memorable moments nowadays, specifically because I want to add them to my planner. Did you get a selfie with your favourite artist or celebrity at a convention? Sure you can hang it on your wall, but why not keep a little copy in your journal, too so that you can flip back through the year’s events.

Get Artsy

If you’ve got some talent, let it shine in the blank spots in your planner. If you’re not overly artistic, draw anyway! It’s your planner. No one has to see your masterpiece but you. Want to participate in Inktober? Doodle along on your monthly pages. Or get someone cool to draw in your planner for you.

Penny Roll sketch by Valentine De Landro
A Penny Roll sketch by Valentine De Landro is a pretty good thing that happened to my 2017 planner.

Colouring pages are also a great addition to your planner. Through the magic of washi tape, you can pop in a page from your favourite colouring book, and take it with you wherever you go. Bust out those pencil crayons at your desk. Go on. You’ll feel great!

As 2019 approaches, and I finish up the last few pages of 2018, I look forward to looking back at the Archive of Me and all the geeky things that make me who I am on a day to day, week to week, month to month basis. With a trip to Storm Crow Manor, a.k.a. “Toronto’s Greatest Geek Bar,” already in my planner for January, 2019 promises to be just as geeky and organized too.

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