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    Sarah Cooke

    Sarah is a lifelong nerd who found her way to the world of fandom via Star Trek when she was in grade school. She is a digital content specialist for the Junior Library Guild. She has blogged for Marvel.com, DCComics.com, Comic Book Resources, Screenrant, and more. Find her at NerdySarah.com and @sarah_l_cooke on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • 8 Current Comics Starring Empowered Girls

    8 Current Comics Starring Empowered Girls1

    It’s safe to say that most of our readers firmly believe in the importance of representation in comics, and the significance of seeing yourself and your experiences reflected in the media you love. It’s no surprise, then, that comics featuring empowered female characters are often the ones that inspire girls the most. In fact, a

  • She-Hulk: The Hero We Need in 2019

    She-Hulk: The Hero We Need in 20191

    With the Women’s Marches, the #MeToo movement, and the important conversations we’ve been seeing recently about sexual assault and consent.Women have certainly made their voices heard. And in the current political climate, not only is anger—and even rage—from women understandable, it can serve as a catalyst for real change when funneled into productive action.