• Hire These Folx: Nicole Goux

    Hire These Folx: Nicole Goux0

    Hire This Woman was a long-running series of interviews at ComicsAlliance overseen by Janelle Asselin. We’re happy to announce that from here on out, with Asselin’s blessing, we’ll be taking over the “Hire This Woman” mantle. Using the questions from the original series we’ll be interviewing our favourite creators who identify as anything other than

  • Universal Fan Con: Peeling Back the Layers

    Universal Fan Con: Peeling Back the Layers22

    Universal Fan Con was meant to be a celebration of inclusivity and fandom. But as the show was unceremoniously canceled a week before it was expected to occur, fans are asking what happened. Many find themselves left out of pocket, having backed the Kickstarter and booked often non-refundable flights. We, Rosie Knight and Jazmine Joyner,

  • The Wasp’s Secret History of Being Amazing

    The Wasp’s Secret History of Being Amazing4

    Besides having maybe one of the coolest civilian names of any superhero ever, Janet Van Dyne is one of the founding Avengers. As well as being the character who named the team way back in 1963, she’s also a rich kid from New Jersey from a well-to-do family, eventually helping to fund the Avengers at


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