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    Jamie Kingston

    Jamie Kingston is a Native New Yorker, enduring a transplant to Atlanta. She’s a lifelong comic fan, having started at age 13 and never looked back, developing a decades-spanning collection and the need to call out the creators when she expects better of them. Her devotion extends to television, films, and books as well as the rare cosplay. She sates her need to create in a number of ways including being an active editor on the TV Tropes website, creating art and fan art, and working on her randomly updating autobiographical web comic, Orchid Coloured Glasses. As a woman of color, she considers it important to focus on diversity issues in the media. She received the Harpy Agenda micro-grant in November of 2015 for exceptional comics journalism by a writer of color.

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  • Top 10 Steven Universe Songs

    Top 10 Steven Universe Songs1

    By now the news has already spread among the fandom:  five-season success and award-winning animated series Steven Universe has a movie coming up. Not only are we getting a feature-length Steven adventure with the Crystal Gems, Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar know their audience. The movie is going to be a musical, the second in

  • Archie So Far: Who’s What, What’s Where

    Archie So Far: Who’s What, What’s Where0

    Archie #28 Mark Waid, Ian Flynn (writers), Audrey Mok (art), Kelly Fitzpatrick (colors), Jacck Morelli (letters) Archie Comics February 14, 2018 I have been following this new run of Archie since issue #1. While I don’t quite have the problems that many of my WWAC sistren have with Mark Waid’s writing, the Betty-drag-race-wheelchair arc nearly

  • Don’t Sleep On Justice League Action

    Don’t Sleep On Justice League Action0

    Justice League Action Sam Register, Jay Bastian, Tramm Wigzell and Tatiana Krokar (producers), Bruce A. King (editor) Kevin Conroy, Rachel Kimsey, Jason J. Lewis (cast) Adapted from Justice League by Gardner Fox November 26, 2016 (UK), December 16, 2016 (US) Justice League Action is the latest entry from the DC Animation team. It is not

  • DuckTales Is Back! Woo-Oo!

    DuckTales Is Back! Woo-Oo!0

    DuckTales Developed by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones David Tennant, Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Micucci, Beck Bennett, Toks Olagundoye, Tony Anselmo (cast) Adapted from Uncle Scrooge by Carl Barks and DuckTales (1987) by Jymn Magon August 12, 2017 (US) Disney XD premiered the 2017 re-imagining of Disney Afternoon favorite DuckTales on midnight