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    Rosie Knight

    writer. fake geek girl. makes comics, occasionally sells some.

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  • Silver Sprocket Review Roundup

    Silver Sprocket Review Roundup1

    Silver Sprocket is one of the most exciting small press publishers out there, and I’ve been obsessed with them since the first time I read Ben Passmore’s fantastic Your Black Friend. This inclusive comics collective and record label has made a name for itself by putting out radical books that are unlike anything else being

  • Jen Bartel’s CRYSTAL FIGHTERS Coming To Dark Horse (EXCLUSIVE)0

    Jen Bartel is undoubtedly one of the most beloved names in contemporary comics. Her instantly recognisable illustrations have graced the covers of pretty much every comics publisher, from the Big Two to Dark Horse through IDW, Archie to Image to Valiant, BOOM!, Vault and even Dynamite— Bartel is a one woman reason to argue for

  • Exploring CORPUS: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments

    Exploring CORPUS: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments1

    Illness is something that all of us experience at some time in our life. Sometimes it’s temporary, or sometimes it ends up defining the way we live our lives. But for such a universal experience, it’s one that’s often explored in arts and culture by people who have a reductive view of what it means

  • Rosie’s Dynamite Round-up Jan/Feb 2018

    Rosie’s Dynamite Round-up Jan/Feb 20181

    Hello, comic book adventurers! It’s me Rosie, back once again with your regular Dynamite comics roundup. We here at Women Write About Comics are dedicated to unpacking the complex parts of the industry and unwrapping the underwhelming gift that is comics so we can all enjoy/despair about it together! So here we are with another