Author: Rosie Knight

A man wields ten rings on his fingers that are glowing and shooting energy

Mark Waid Crafted the Fake Siancong War to Keep Marvel Characters Young… and It’s Even Worse Than it Sounds

Marvel Comics has had a rough couple of years when it comes to making decisions that aren’t morally repugnant. The latest in their new attempts to become Comicsgate’s favorite publisher is if looked at generously, incredibly lazy editorializing in an attempt to tie up the loose ends that come with being a publisher who has…

Superman Year One: A.K.A. Ah, Just What Superman’s Origin Needed, Some Rape

Superman: Year One #1 Mark Doyle (editor), Danny Miki (inker), Frank Miller (writer), John Romita Jr. (artist), Alex Sinclair (colorist), Amedeo Turturro (associate editor), John Workman (letterer) DC Comics June 19th, 2019 Is there anyone in comics more infinitely frustrating than Frank Miller? One of the most iconic, notorious, and lauded creators in the industry. A man…

Women Making Comics: Gina Gagliano on Her Career, Her Journey into Comics and Her Move to Random House

Gina Gagliano is nothing less than a powerhouse in the comics industry. Creating a name for herself at First Second, Gagliano has been a force for good when it comes to making sequential storytelling accessible, exciting, and interesting. It was with great pleasure that I chatted with Gagliano about her decade long career, her love…