Last Week’s Episode: We’ve Hit Peak 2020

Last Week's Episode

Every week seems to bring more madness, death, and harrowing news. So why not distract yourself with a week filled with nigh unbelievable announcements, cool reveals, a Fortnite trailer launch, and of course… the dreaded Snyder Cut. Welcome to Last Week’s Episode!

New shows and Movies!

Star Trek "Patterns of Force" Season 2, Episode 21, CBS Television, 1968 (History of Fanfiction)

CBS continues to expand their sprawling Star Trek galaxy with a new series centering on Anson Mount’s Captain Pike. Titled Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Mount will be joined by Mystique herself Rebecca Romijn, and the sexiest Spock, Ethan Peck. Mount is great as Pike but this does seem like CBS All Access skewing back to the white-male-centric Star Trek stories. [Variety]

If you were a fan of Netflix’s dark and delightful Umbrella Academy you may now rejoice. The show will be returning on July 31st for a sophomore season which will likely center on the newly created villain, the White Violin. Will it be slightly better at dealing with female characters? We can only hope. [Deadline]

Jamie Lee Curtis already delighted us with the news that she’ll be directing a Lifetime movie, and now she’s adding horror to her directorial roster with a climate change themed film called Mother Nature that will be part of her first look deal with Blumhouse. The original scream queen will also star! [AV Club]

Another of our horror faves has been called upon by Blumhouse for a supernatural horror extravaganza. Shout out Issa Lopez and everyone go and watch Tigers Are Not Afraid on Shudder now![Variety]

Two of Game of Thrones hunkiest hunks are teaming up for a vampire thriller! Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa will reunite for Good, Bad & Undead which will see the former play a Van Helsing and the latter play a vampire who has vowed not to kill. Taking notes from Terry Gilliam’s underrated Brothers Grimm the pair will run scams on unsuspecting towns until they find some real monsters and magical creatures who aren’t too happy with their scheme. [io9]

Sony is continuing their dedication to strange Spider-Man adaptations with the announcement that Marc Guggenheim will be taking on Jackpot for Sony. It’s particularly strange as the character was essentially created to fake out readers into thinking that Mary Jane had a superhero persona… shock horror… it’s not her! The film will center on the heroine and her motherhood. [Deadline]

Finishing this section with some truly great news… TUCA AND BERTIE IS BACK BABY!!!!! After being wrongfully cancelled by Netflix, Adult Swim has picked up the beautiful and brilliant animated series from Lisa Hanawalt!

Gay Cartoons!

She'Ra holds aloft her sword, surrounded by a collage of her friends and enemies

After nearly two years and over 50 episodes it’s all over. She-Ra is done and the final season was nothing short of magical. Also it was hella fucking gay which we were all very happy about. I chatted to Noelle Stevenson where she told me about her struggle to get Catradora made canon and what she wants the legacy of the series to be.

“You really have to just approach it without any fear. And I think to sell it to the people who need to sign off on it, you have to convince them to not be afraid as well. And again, that looks different depending on where you are, it looks different depending on who you’re working with, who the rights holders are. So I felt very, very lucky to have the partners that I did have and that they supported me to do the story the way that I wanted to do it.” [Nerdist]

That wasn’t the only gay cartoon stuff going down though as Harley Quinn finally delivered on the promise of a Harley and Ivy romance. Which was truly delightful and will likely be explored more as we head towards the season’s end. [i09]

Netflix is also delivering the goods for anime lovers everywhere with the addition of both Clow Card and Sakura Card series!

Quarantine specials!

A young boy sits on a spiders back in front of a giant peach, he's joined by a grasshopper

Taika Waititi seems to have been enjoying taking on the work of famous anti-Semites recently. His latest project is a series of quarantine readings of James and the Giant Peach. He’s joined by a ridiculous amount of famous people including Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Cate Blanchett.

CW Drama

Looks like Ruby Rose will not be wearing the Batwoman cowl anymore. The already contentious casting of the non-Jewish actress will now get more contentious as she’s recast (there are already several contenders on Twitter, it seems). Rose gave a statement about her love for the show and her tough decision, but sources seem to be hinting that this was a mutual thing with the network wanting Rose to leave. We can’t wait to find out all the details tbh. [Deadline]

2020 Strikes Again

Warner Bros.

It has finally happened, in a peak 2020 moment. The Snyder Cut has become real. Yes, the hashtag that spent many a year harassing people online — and occasionally raising money for charity–might’ve convinced HBO Max to spend $20-30 mill on putting together a new version of Justice League that hews to Zack Snyder’s original vision for the film. If the cut has to be put together using millions of dollars does it really exist? The answer is no, but whatever happens we’ll apparently see a version on HBO Max in 2021 — and it could be up to six hours long. [THR]

Just when we thought 2020 had 2020’d as hard as it could with the Snyder Cut news something else happened. Christopher Nolan, the man who loves the cinema and the art of the movie more than anyone else, released the trailer for his new film Tenet via Fortnite. Honestly there aren’t even any words. The film looks pretty great and there’s currently no tiresome mention of a dead wife or mother. Either way John David Washington and Robert Pattinson are reason enough for us to try and work out what the fuck Fortnite is.

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