Previously on Comics: Not Much Happened TBH

Hello again! Kate here on this Memorial Day in the USA…for everyone else it’s just “Monday” and so that’s why we’re just gonna keep going. But maybe we can blame Memorial Day for why this week was so slow, in terms of news. And I don’t just mean good news. I mean any news.

So, things started off busy on Monday with some bad takes and gross takes, and a truly egregious Marvel poll that led to some lengthy conversations about Jean Grey in the WWAC Slack.

Here’s my run down on things actually worth linking to:

Then it was announced that the Synder Cut was actually a real thing that was going to be happening and that New York Times article about A/B/O fanfiction came out, and I haven’t seen a comics-related headline since. Maybe that means we’re in for a big week this coming week, so brace yourself.

Til next time, faithful readers!

Kate Tanski

Kate Tanski

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