Last Week’s Episode: Is Anyone Still Watching??

Last Week's Episode

Hellooooo out there??? Is anyone still out reading this??

With most of the world under self-imposed social-isolation or government-imposed quarantine, it’s hard not to feel a little bit alone. But we here at Women Write About Comics are still writing, thinking, and sharing all our pop-culture thoughts, and despite the fact that most people are stuck in their house there’s a whole lot of entertainment news to break down this week!

Tormund Giantsbane smiles, a large red beard on his face as he wears armor and furs


Let’s start with a celebrity corona check. Though there have been more than 230,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide the stories that get the most traction are of course the ones that feature celebrities and there have been a fair few this week. Netflix had to do a deep clean on the Witcher set after everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones daddy Kristofer Jivju tested positive for the illness. [Deadline]

Idris Elba shared a video explaining that he had tested positive despite the fact that he didn’t have symptoms. It was an important learning moment that asymptomatic carriers exist but it also left the plebeians among us who can’t get tested for love nor money, wondering how a rich actor could access a test when first responders can’t… the answer is money.

Not content with one handsome man, Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii 5-0, Hellboy) has also tested positive for COVID-19.

Another TV show was shut down by a positive test this week. The Card Counter took swift action which left Tiffany Haddish, Willem Dafoe and Oscar Isaac out in the cold as “an unidentified actor” was confirmed to have the ‘Rona. [TV Guide]

Disney was also affected as they shut down production on their upcoming Shang-Chi movie when director Destin Daniel went into self-isolation over possible coronavirus symptoms [The Hollywood Reporter]

So with everyone affected by the pandemic, our kind corporate overlords have been offering up some entertainment for us to enjoy early! Disney+ announced a surprise drop of Frozen 2, which they revealed would release on the streamer three months early. But after the news that they had closed all their Disney college campuses making their cast members in training homeless, the film actually dropped a day earlier than its surprise drop! SURPRISE!

Disney weren’t done though as they thought none of us were suffering enough under a global pandemic and decided to digitally release Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker early too.

In other big studio news, Universal were the first Hollywood monolith to break the first window release tradition as they announced that due to the pandemic they would be releasing some new movies like Trolls: World Tour on digital at the same time as they would be released in the cinema, though beware as the price is a hefty $20 for a 48hour rental! The news also included the early release of some currently in theater films like Emma and The Invisible Man! [Deadline]

Soon Warner Bros. followed suit after Birds of Prey director Cathy Yan suggested she would like to see her r-rated superhero movie hit screens early! The power that she has!!!! [The Hollywood Reporter]

There was some non-corona-news with Fiona Apple promoting her new album with an incredible story about quitting cocaine after spending a hellish night in a private theater with Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson. Truly a hero among coked up men. [Esquire]

Spike Trotman’s Iron Circus Comics has made the move to animation with a kickstarter for the popular webcomic Lackadaisy that centers on anthropomorphic cats in 1920s America. [THR]

The Schitts family stand in their motel wearing fancy clothes that juxtapose with the dowdy backdrop

Pop TV

We’ve been blessed once again by the mind of Dan Levy, who has announced a Schitt’s Creek documentary that will be available after the final season airs. [Out Magazine]

After the astonishing announcement that John Boyega would be remastering classic Nollywood movies as part of his Netflix deal, there’s been a resurgence in attention on the vibrant Nigerian film scene. One of the best ways to learn about classic Nollywood movies are a bevy of brilliant Instagram accounts which are highlighting and educating the masses. [Paper Mag]

In sadder news it looks like the gorgeous Netflix She-Ra series will be coming to an end with its upcoming fifth season that will hit Netflix on May 15th!

In a move that we could have never seen coming it looks like Bleach will return!!! For the 20th anniversary of the franchise, the last manga arc, “The Thousand Year Blood War” will finally be adapted to anime. [piunikaweb]

But coronavirus was still moving the media needle, with movies being moved around willy nilly. Though Disney waited as long as they possibly could, they eventually announced that they would be removing Black Widow from the schedule for the foreseeable future [THR]

Ursula, a large purple woman with her tentacles and a cool white bouffant


This came after Disney suspended production on films including The Little Mermaid and Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley which will disappoint queer film fans everywhere! [THR]

With so many people looking for things to watch lots of streaming services have opened up their free trials in order to make their services more accessible and easy to try out [Fast Company]

Kevin Bacon is blessing us all with a Six Degrees of Separation challenge turning the beloved game about his career into a way for people to stay home! In the video Bacon shared. “Everyone has someone worth staying home for.” [Huffpost]

In Memoriam

Wonder Woman stands next to Steve Trevor from the original WW series

Warner Bros.

Sad news for fans of Super Hero TV this week as Lyle Waggoner star of Wonder Woman–he was the first Steve Trevor(s)–passed away. Waggoner was also known for his roles on the Carol Burnett Show as well as the fact that he almost played Batman on the classic Batman ’66 series. [THR]

We also want to remember all the non-famous, working people who have lost their lives to coronavirus this week.


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